Made by Jennifer Green

These are a few dogs I made in my usual way. They start as wads of paper, masking tape and wire. I then use mache clay to make them into dogs, dry and sand them and then I apply acrylic paint and a high gloss varnish to bring them to life.
I hope you like my dog gang!

Paper mache poodle

5 thoughts on “Dogs”

  1. Hi Jennifer, not only is your work original but so is your pm clay. I only used egg cartons once. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try again. Thanks for the detailed description and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Pat. I make my own clay out of old Tim Hortons coffee trays or pressed cardboard egg cartons. I soak them in hot water a few minutes, break them up and squeeze the water out. Then I put them in my big kitchen aid mixer and break the pieces up more. Then I add cornstarch, about a tsp, white glue and a bit of drywall compound. But I’ve only just started using that. Then on # 8 on my mixer I beat the crap out of it. Scrape it down often. The consistency is like a thick frosting. I only sand where necessary if it feels sharp. It’s always smooth. Like butter!

  2. Jennifer, Are you kidding me!? This is not fair. They are all adorable, but the one standing up with his tongue hanging out…Oh, my goodness. Cuteness overload! Please keep the sculptures coming. (Although I realize you might need some rest; all things considered) But I love looking at them.


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