Dog Sculptures with Real Dog Hair

Made by Jean Ford

I created several dog paper mache sculptures using Jonni’s paper mache clay recipe combined with my idea of real dog hair. For several years I groomed dogs professionally and now groom my own dogs only. I thought it was wasteful to throw out their beautiful hair so I started creating paintings using dog hair. Then I wanted to do a sculpture but I didn’t know what materials to use. I came across the Ultimate Paper Mache website and videos. Jonni made it look fun and the clay was very sturdy for my sculptures. So, I tried the paper mache clay and found it to be the perfect base for the dog hair to be glued to. The Schnauzer is life size and has the dog’s real hair glued to it.

Schnauzer sculpture with real dog hair side view

10 thoughts on “Dog Sculptures with Real Dog Hair”

    • Thank you! Jonni’s paper mache clay recipe is great for my sculptures. I’m not a fine artist so I have trouble sculpting the fur texture to my satisfaction. I like recycling my dog’s fur in my art. It seems a little creepy to some people but I see it as a piece of my dog living on in the sculpture.

  1. Wow, that is clever and excellent use of resources! I’ll bet if you applied the hair when the paper mache was wet, you would not need to use glue.
    That is a great schnauzer by the way.


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