4 thoughts on “Doberman dog”

  1. I love your dog. You might be crazy, but that I understand! I have a dog sitting for years and can’t get her painted (she’s tiny). You have a wonderful armature going here. I’ve never tried epoxy because I can’t get past the clay. I hope you show us progress photos. It is an awesome start. Thanks.

    • Its not done yet. I am using expoxy sculpt. Ive never done anything like this before and ive been utubing your videos and this is my TRY. ive been working on this dog on and off for a year now.. Mostly staring at it wanting it to be real like and not knowing what to do really.. I love to Pour resin and Intend to do something like that all over this dog when Im done to make it colorful.. I bought your dog book and next time Ill use something else besides this epoxy sculpt, Its been sticky and difficult and im not impressed.. My next dog will be lifesized and a piece for outside, (somehow) thank you for the inspiration ill post when Im done!!

      • Karen, I can’t wait to see how your resin pour looks on your dog. My daughter has done some resin pour paintings, and I love how they came out. I haven’t seen the method done on a sculpture, though, so I’m really looking forward to seeing yours. For outside sculptures, did you see the gnome I made a few months ago? It’s experimental, but it’s doing well outside so far.


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