DIY Sculpture Stand

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DIY Sculpting Stand

Today you get to watch me fumble around with a little cordless screwdriver while I fix my DIY sculpture stand.

Why on earth would you want to do that? Because if I can make a sculpture stand myself, with my very limited carpentry skills, so can you.

The only thing you’ll need to buy new is the lazy susan mechanism. The one I bought will hold 500 pounds. You can find them for less than $5.00 on Amazon.com, Lowes, Home Depot, or any hardware store.

I used my little cordless screwdriver, but a regular human-powered screwdriver would work just as well. I got mine for about $18.00.

When I first built my sculpture stand, I had to drill some holes from the screws. That happened about 15 years ago, so I didn’t show that step in the video. I also had to use a hole saw to make the big hole in the board that came with the kitchen stand.

My stand probably cost less than $30 new, but that was a long time ago. Look for one at a thrift store or a ReStore, or consider using one you bought for your own kitchen but never really use. It helps to have a removable wooden top, like mine. If you’d like to see what the new ones look like, you can see one here on amazon  – but I don’t think that one has a wooden top. Ikea has them, but they cost even more. Do some scrounging – it’s fun!

Or be really crafty and make a stand out of 2×4’s, and get some casters to go on the bottom so you can move your sculpting stand when you need to. You can get the casters at Lowes. Make sure to get heavy-duty ones, so they don’t break when you’re working on a larger project.

If you do a lot of sculpting, this DIY sculpting stand will make your projects go more quickly.  A fancy one from the art supply store might look nicer, and it might even be sturdier, but it will also cost a lot more, and being broke shouldn’t keep us from being creative, should it?

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