Diving Trout

Made by Maggie Lukasevich

My friend asked me to make this Rainbow Trout to hang above her son’s bed so it looks like it’s diving behind it.
She also asked for a mermaid tail for her daughter-pic to come soon!!!

5 thoughts on “Diving Trout”

  1. Hi All!!!
    Thank you for your lovely comments!!!
    I spent much time looking at trout of all types to study the scales and find something to imprint on Jonni’s PM air dry clay. As I studied the scales, I realized that on the fish (as opposed to when you scrape them off) they appear to have an elongated diamond pattern. Believe it or not, I went to Walmart’s outdoor section and found a fish bucket that had the perfect sized scale pattern! How appropriate and unbelievable! The hardest part was working in sections and having to match them up. Thankfully, most people won’t be getting too close to see the less than spots since there will be a bed between them!
    I am also applying a resin clear coat to finish off the piece so it will appear wet (and hopefully distract the eye from the in between spots!).

  2. Wow, please do tell us how you did those scales. Very lovely paint job. Brings back memories of childhood camping trips.

  3. Yeah, what Jonni asked!

    I like this one, also. It reminded me when I was 14 and went fishing with my family. My father told me I had to clean anything I caught (which were mostly rainbow trout) and that was the last time I fished, 60 years ago! This did bring back fond memories of how beautiful the trout were.


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