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Faux Agates Tutorial

Faux Agate Tutorial

Today’s guest post is by Kristin Jansson, who showed us her faux agates a few months ago, and agreed to let us see how they’re …

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Make a Yarn Bowl with Paper Mache Clay

Make a Yarn Bowl with Plaster Cloth and Paper Mache Clay

You can make this yarn bowl with plaster cloth and either paper mache clay or the Silky-Smooth air dry clay recipe on my website. The result will be both beautiful and useful – which makes this a perfect gift idea for the knitter in your family.

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The cardboard door.

Making a Mini-Bar with Cardboard and Paper Mache Clay

Making a Mini-Bar with Just Cardboard and Paper Mache Clay

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diy halloween pumpkin with plaster cloth

DIY Halloween Pumpkin – Made with Plaster Cloth and Grout or Mortar

DIY weatherproof Pumpkins are easy to make, with plaster cloth and Flex Bond mortar. The video shows you how.

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Paper Mache Deer Head Pattern

DIY Deer Head “Faux Taxidermy” Pattern

This paper mache deer head is easy to make with the downloadable pattern. Create your own faux taxidermy wall sculpture and paint it to match your decor.

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Make beads and pendants with paper mache clay

Make Necklace Pendants with Paper Mache Clay

Make your own hand-crafted necklace pendants and beads with paper mache clay, and decorate with decoupage or acrylic pouring technique. Full tutorial.

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How to make a paper mache pig

Make a Paper Mache Pig Wall Sculpture

Use this easy pattern to create a happy paper mache pig wall sculpture. Use cardboard, tape, and paper mache, and paint for a fast, fun project.

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animal mask pattern set

Pattern Set for Four Unique Paper Mache Animal Masks

Included in this four-pattern set are: Wolf Mask, Lion Mask, Cow Mask, and Cat Mask. Printable Animal Mask Four-Pattern Set Impress your friends with your …

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Lion mask pattern

Paper Mache Lion Mask Pattern

This DIY lion mask has a mane made with a cheap raffia table skirt, and it looks fantastic. Watch the videos to see how to use the lion mask pattern.

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Paper Mache Home Decor

Sarah’s Paper Mache Ceiling Tiles

We’ve never seen a project like this before – Sarah Manchester is making some very large paper mache ceiling tiles for her home, and she …

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Baby mobile made with paper mache clay

Woodland Baby Mobile

What fun – a hand-made baby mobile with cute little woodland creatures, made with air dry clay. Our good friend Eileen Gallagher designed it and …

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Lion painting on paper mache canvas

Make a Paper Mache Canvas for Your Painting

  A few days ago, Pedro Rodrigues  posted a photo of one of his recent paintings on our new forum, and he mentioned that it was …

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Paper Mache Home Decor

Make a Paper Mache Classic Car – Dodge Caravan/ Plymouth Voyager

Bryan Divers wrote a guest post for us today, and I don’t think we’ve ever had a project like this on the site before. He …

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Make an Acorn Centerpiece with Paper Mache

We have a guest post today from Kirk Davies, who made a lovely acorn centerpiece   with paper mache clay. This idea would work for any …

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Paper Mache Home Decor

How I Make Paper Mache Lamps – Guest Post

 ©2015 Matsa Hello Jonni and all, My (nick) name is Matsa, I’m 68-year old granny whose children and grand children live far away, so as …

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Make a paper mache house sculpture

How Diann Made Her Whimsical “Once in a Blue Moon” Sculpture

  In a recent comment on this blog, Diann McDonald showed us several of her sculptures, including this one. Because we get a lot of …

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Pattern for Black Bear Faux Trophy Mount

3-D Black Bear Faux Trophy Mount Pattern

Create a realistic bear head faux trophy mount for your wall with this easy pattern. Cut the pieces out, tape them together, and cover with paper mache.

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Paper Mache Home Decor

Make a Chalkboard Globe

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people who want to make paper mache planets. The more I thought about how I would …

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Pattern for Baby Elephant Wall Sculpture

3-D Baby Elephant Wall Sculpture Pattern

Use this pattern to create a realistic baby elephant wall sculpture. This life-sized faux trophy mount is easy to make with the pattern and paper mache.

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