“Darkstalker” dragon mask

Made by Danna Hamlett

I LOVE making costumes, and my 9yo son loves dragons. This was his second dragon costume, and this year he specifically wanted to be “Darkstalker” from the Wings of Fire book series for Halloween. I’m so glad we found this mask pattern– it could not have been simpler to make (I won’t say “easy,” as it did require a good amount of effort and focus, but all satisfying projects should, right?), and he got so much praise on his costume because of it. Even before I had time to paint the details, it still looked incredible! It was so amazing to see it come to life before my eyes. This was such a rewarding project, and I hope to make more of Jonni’s creations. Thanks Jonni!!

Darkstalker dragon costume

1 thought on ““Darkstalker” dragon mask”

  1. What a great costume, Danna! Thank you so much for showing it to us. I hadn’t heard of the Darkstalker before, but after checking out the Wings of Fire books on amazon I may have to read at least the first one. They look really interesting.

    But I have to ask – how did you make the wings on the costume?


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