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  1. Hi Again Jonni,

    I am doing my first cardboard armature and filling it in with aluminum foil. It is a fairly small piece, 10″ x 4″. It is a sugar glider. I am having one heck of a time applying the foil. I am having to use a lot of my glue gun. Is that normal?

    • Probably – you can use less glue if the pieces of foil are larger, or if the foil is crumpled tightly enough that you have more flat surface to attach to the next piece. Maybe someone with more glue gun experience than I have will be able to be more helpful… 🙂

  2. Jonni, I have your book, Make animal sculptures. I was wondering, when you are making your own pattern from a photo, how do you know what size to make the styrofoam blocks for the legs? Do you just guesstimate and then adjust accordingly?

    Thanks, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon. I think it’s fair to say I guess, but I try to look at photos of the animal from the front and back. This shows you the width of the animal’s chest and rear, so you can make a good guess. If you’re still really not sure, an easy way to make the separators adjustable is to use crumpled balls of foil instead of the foam blocks that I used in the book. You can squish the foil if you decide the legs are too far apart, and you can change the angle of the legs, too. I hope this helps. Have fun! 🙂

  3. Hola Jonni saludos fraterno desde Venezuela. Amiga yo trabajo con papel mache pero necesito plantillas de las mascaras, estoy haciendo un trabajo que es realizar las mascaras de los animales , para hacer una gran asamblea y discutir y difundir los artículos que aprobaron en la asamblea nacional en defensa de ellos, soy una mujer humilde y no tengo recursos para comprar esas plantillas pero quiero trabajar ayúdeme por favor.


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