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  1. Jonni, how thick would you say you layer on the clay mixture on your giraffe before painting? Just curious. If I add glass that will be at least 1/8” and I will probably add a bit more reinforcement under it. I opted to do most of my reinforcing inside the head so that I wouldn’t add too much depth to the outside.

    Thank, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon. I applied the paper mache clay almost paper thin on the giraffe, but you can apply more if you need to. And if you use it as the grout between pieces of glass, that would help reinforce it, too. At least I think it would – I’ve never done any mosaics myself. Be sure to do some test pieces on scrap cardboard first.

      • Well, I’m going to use thinset to add a thin base layer or I could have used the paper mache, but a thin layer of thinset and fiberglass mesh will help strengthen it a bit more.. Once that dries, I will just use a pvc glue to glue my glass pieces and then I will grout, probably with regular grouting material. I could use thinset as both my adhesive and grout, but that’s not favorite way to do things. This one isn’t going outside, so, I am just going to use the pvc glue. I learned a lot from putting the first one together and was trying to think ahead to it going outside, but I felt like there were better ways to address things. So, I will make another one to go outside sometime.

  2. Hi everyone thought I check in since I have not in months . I haven’t finished the tiger head yet . Was extremely busy in the holiday season before that trip to Germany ( it was awesome ) The other night I had my friends grand children over for craft night the little girl, Emilia is really really into it . We started a tree stump play house for all her little critters she has created with her polimer clay , they are oh so cute . Andrew opted to make a crow OMG I had a plastic bird that I picked up during halloween he turned it into Crow 666 . Now the big news I met with the Zoo staff yesterday I be sculpting one of their gorillas they recently lost of old age. That is it for now . I hope you all had a great start into the New Year

  3. Joyce, your poem is gorgeous. Wish I had written it. I am so sorry about your health issues. I know you’ve been dealing with this for quite a while now. I would make you all better if I could. We need you to be healthy and happy and creating more beautiful works of art.

    Jonni, I am loving the basset hound videos. Can’t wait for more. Especially the face one. Please make that one as long as humanly possible! : ) There are so many great suggestions about what to create. I want to see them all, but Thank You for doing the basset.

    • Thank you so much Mister Shelbot, for your kind words. I am always glad to see a post from you .. I am pleased that I still have the ability to rhyme, but do wish I could get my hands creating. Soon, maybe.

  4. Jonni, because of so many health issues this past year, I haven’t created anything except for the odd poem,. The one I’ve posted here i wrote many years ago and just came across it recently and since it is about art I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

    Your UPM site is my go-to place for seeing works of art and reading the comments of other viewers.

    I endeavour as an artist
    To paint the way I see
    The little things, the special things,
    That mean so much to me.

    The endearing smile of a happy child,
    The lines on a time worn face.
    The weathered wood of a rustic fence,
    The intricacies of lace.

    I glory in nature’s palette,
    The reds , the gold, the blues,
    The cool greens of springtime,
    And autumn’s radiant hues.

    Abstractions do not interest me,
    Nor vistas stretching wide,
    Instead I search secluded spots,
    Where tiny treasures hide.

    And so I try, with paint and brush
    So that others too may see,
    The little things, the special things,
    That mean so much to me.


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