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Paper Mache Chihuahua
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Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

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  1. Jonni, I am busy making some air dry clay cartoon cats for my two grandsons as their toys for Christmas….they don’t get many maybe
    Because one just turned forty and the other one is 37. But they love cats so I just finished putting the clay on one and starting on the next one. Just wanted to tell you that I read somewhere about buying cheap masking tape. I bought 3 rolls at the dollar store and it just will not stick. Had to use my better tape to stick the other stuff down. What do you usually use?

    • Hi Joyce. I replied this morning, but it got erased so I’ll try again. I love the idea of giving the cartoon cats to your grandsons. They’ll love them, I’m sure.

      As for the masking tape, I get mine from Walmart. It doesn’t stick as well as the expensive stuff, and that make it easier to get off the roll. But if your tape doesn’t stick at all, that doesn’t sound like fun. I guess I need to revise my “cheaper is better” rule. Maybe I should add “sometimes.”

      • I guess I feel bad because thinking I would be ahead I bought 3 rolls. What can you do with 3 rolls that won’t stick. They are only good for garbage. I am having great fun with these cats. After looking up paper mΓ’chΓ© cats everywhere I am just making them up as I go. My daughter said they were strange looking creatures. I will post when I get them done.

      • Yes, I’ve been through that. I finally went to Home Depot and bought masking tape. They have a Scotch brand in packages of 6 rolls, I believe, for $15. That has worked great. Using masking tape that doesn’t stick makes you want to create havoc! (Home Depot is a 3-hour round trip, so I bought a few packages while I was there.)

        I have three different widths of tape, and at that at times I end up splitting the 1″ tape in half.

    • Joyce, I love that you’re making your (never too old) grandsons some cool toys. PLEASE tell us that we are going to get to see those cats! After Christmas, if not before.

    • Hi Joyce: I bought masking tape (ipg brand, made in US) at the $ store and it’s ok but not as sticky as my usual Home Hardware brand (I’m in Canada and not sure if Home Hardware is in US). I bought the tape because it’s almost 2 inches wide and I thought it would be useful. I was a bit shocked at the $3 price when I got to the cash though! Turns out that I prefer 1 3/8″ tape… 2″ is wide for my projects.

      • Hi, Suzanne, I am also in Canada. I also bought my tape at Dollarama. I looked at the three dollar stuff but chose the one dollar and got three rolls. It’s only good for the garbage bin because it won’t stick at all. I have had to use my better tape, but maybe I should try the other rolls before I throw them away.

        • Hi Joyce: They only had the three dollar rolls at my Dollarama and they weren’t priced so I just assumed $1! It’s not as sticky as my other stuff but it definitely sticks. If it’s the same brand it might be worth trying the other rolls.

          • Suzanne, last night I thought the same thing so I opened another roll. It does seem a bit stickier, but haven’t had a chance to try it out. It is very thin….doesn’t even feel like masking tape. If it didn’t have the plastic wrapping on it you would be able to see before you buy.

            • Hi Joyce, Yes it’s very thin…if I push the side of my roll I leave a finger indentation and it also doesn’t feel like masking tape! I bought it recently and don’t recall seeing it at Dollarama before.

  2. Hello Jonni,
    Been awhile for me but I was keeping up on your problem.
    I didn’t help since I didn’t know what the heck you guys were talking about. I know nothing about web sites. I finally finished my Yorky, Mazy. Well almost. I still don’t like the light color, help?
    I have my rescue Yorky now and he is so cute. He will be my next project. Great fun. I’m actually making a table and just finished a plant stand, also been working with my poly clay.

    • Nancy, when you can, please post a picture of your Mazy sculpture. (Keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m talking about, but…) I’m not sure if your “light color” problem is anything like the one I sometimes have when I think my sculpts look “ghosty”. Probably not, but if you haven’t already tried, depending on the surface, you can dry brush, add washes or glazes or even stipple (maybe not for a Yorkie?) I doubt that you are just using one color straight out of the tube/bottle, but that usually doesn’t work well. Hair/fur is rarely/never just one color. Maybe try this: on a piece of paper, cardboard, etc., put a small amount of paint that most looks like the color you want, right next to it put a small amount of paint of a darker value, next to that a little paint with a lighter value. Stroke downward through the paints with a brush until it resembles fur, but not till it is muddy. If it’s too dark, try again using a lighter dark color, if that makes any sense. which it probably doesn’t.
      OR (best suggestion) just let Jonni help when you post the picture! : )
      Much love to your rescue Yorkie (and any other furbabies).
      And please show us your table, plant stand and anything you make with poly, if you feel like it.

  3. Hi everyone. I thought I’d update you on the comment issue we’ve been having (WordPress update 4.7 broke some things). Now you won’t be exiled to a page from 2012 when you hit the Submit Comment button, which was happening before. But I did have to disable the service that sends out notifications when someone replies to your comment. The links it was sending were wrong, and it was just too confusing. Please check back often to see if someone replied to your comment, so we can keep the conversation going. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    And, on a happier note, I wanted to show you what my squirrel looks like after spending months in the rain, sleet and snow. He’s still doing wonderfully – no damage at all. I’m totally sold on epoxy clay for outdoor sculptures. I just wish it didn’t cost so much …

    • And in case you live in Hawaii and you’re homesick for snow, I thought I should mention that it’s supposed to be -25 F on Saturday. Doesn’t look quite as much fun now, does it? πŸ™‚

      • No, not fun at all! It was nice to see the snow in your pic though. My son who does plowing is chomping at the bit to get snow, just flurries in eastern Pa so far and today was the first day I wore a winter coat, I am not complaining. The cold gives you a good excuse to just stay inside and sculpt!

          • There has been so much snow in the last two days here your squirrel would be completely buried! And I’m pretty sure that the live ones are hunkered down until the weather is better πŸ™‚

    • He is just awesome. Love him. So many projects I would like to do!

      I can do without the -25! Teca and I walked in the snow today, but it was 30. She can handle that, but she knows she’s getting a warm blanket when we walk in the door!

  4. This goes with the previous post. We made these butterflies with Jonni’s PM clay also. We made one for each of us, then one for my mother, and then one for my sister and each of her kids. We gave them to her on her birthday unpainted, with everything to make them into a mobile. Then we all painted our butterflies together. It was so much fun. So unfortunately, we live far away, and we had to leave before she was able to put the entire thing together but I did manage to get a pic of the butterflies after they were done being painted. So fun to see each person’s imagination (mine is the orange and black monarch looking one).

    • Carrie, that was a great idea. I would love to do butterflies and stick them around everywhere. I really love how they are all different.

      Did you use cardboard, wire, ? Thanks.

      • Thank you all for the kind words! I didn’t realize the email when comments on your post thing was down, and that together with the craziness of the holidays I totally forgot to check back to see comments! Sorry! I used cereal box cardboard for the wings, crumpled newspaper for the body and wire for the hook on their back and their antennas. I covered the wire really well with masking tape because I didn’t want it to rust, and I wanted to be able to paint them. Then I covered everything but the wire with Jonni’s pm clay. Thank you all again for the kind words.

  5. Hello everyone. My kids and I recently made a few things up for them to give to their Grandmother for her birthday so I thought I would share. Here is a pic of three kitties they made, then stuck a wire in the top so she could put a pic of each kid in (they stuck a paper with a stick drawing of them in just so she would know to put a photo in it). They made these for her desk at work. These are made with Jonni’s PM clay recipe over some cardboard and a rolled up ball of newspaper, then each kid painted them. Regretfully I forgot to take a pic of the tails they made on the backside.

    • Yay – it worked that time! Thanks for trying to upload the photo again. I think you should be very proud of your wolf, and I’m sure the lucky person who receives this gift will be very happy with it. I like his expression – he looks like he’s warning an intruder to stay away, telling the world who’s boss. The expression fits perfectly with his stance – honestly, I wouldn’t recommend making any last-minute changes to his face at all.

      You can put a varnish on it, if you’d like to add some shine. Even a Matte varnish will change the surface and give it some depth, even if it’s almost unnoticeable. But that’s entirely up to you. I like to add a varnish as a final coat, just to make sure the sculpture is sealed and no dampness can get in through the air.

      If you would like to bring out the texture of the fur just a bit, you could use some glazing liquid mixed with a small amount of burnt umber and ultramarine blue to make a dark grey. You would want to use just a small amount of paint with the glazing liquid to keep it slightly transparent, because you wouldn’t want to darken that pretty silver coat. If you brush on the glaze and then wipe it off quickly with a damp sponge, you’ll leave just a hint in the lines of his fur and make them stand out more. But that’s just something you can do – I’m not saying you should. If you do want to try it, do a small test first, with a wet sponge handy so you can wash all of it off if you don’t like it. It would be safest if you did this after a coat of varnish.

      Or, better yet – you could just congratulate yourself for a job well done, and get out the wrapping paper. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for your advise. I was thinking about a tinted glaze. I did that with the pumpkins I sent you prior and really liked the way it brought the piece to life. The color suggestions are helpful. Thanks for your encouragement!

    • Mickie, great fur. I love the ruff. As for the facial features, I suspect that Jonni has made the right call: Wrap that (wolf) puppy up! But me, being a trouble maker, I would like a full on view of his face. Does he have teeth (looks like) and a tongue? Does he have nostrils? Does his nose shine slightly? Straight black or did you add a little bit of gray, brown or blue? And mostly does he have a glint in his eye? If you have given the eyes a coat of some kind of gloss glaze, etc., I can’t tell from the pic, they may already be perfect. Eyes are so important. I like nice, shiny eyes and sometimes go ahead a put a little dot of white (or light yellow or some other color/s) for the gleam. But this is a great piece/gift, in any event. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I am trying to put the finishing touches on this wolf sculpture but im not really confident with it. My forst time with an animal sculpture. Looking for some constructive criticism on how to feel better about giving it as a gift. Should I put a glaze? Input on facial features, etc.

    • Hi Mickie. Did you try to upload an image of your wolf? If so, it didn’t come through – the photo is probably too large. Please try it again. We’d really like to see it.

  7. Trying to finish up this life size wolf this week for a christmas gift. First animal sculpture I have done. I need some contructive criticism toward the finishing touches; eyes, glazing body, etc. I am not feeling confident about it yet.

  8. Hi All, Just wanted to say that I got my joint compound Sunday. I immediately took out a little dab added some wood glue , just two blocks of TP not sure what its called and a pinch of flour ,mixed it up and got me a 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ thin strip (this was just a test) I’m happy to say as of just not It has dried rock hard and I tried pulling it apart a few times and its not happening. So its a go. BTW I was incorrect about the price of the 5 gallon JC I mistakenly multiplied 1 gallon by 5 but its not that expensive but I just got a gallon as it was a trial. Now its to try and make something. I’ve seen such good stuff on her and over the net I’m not sure what to make or if I can (make anything that looks good) I did make a paper mache snow man about 6 years ago I just took it down last week but decided to throw it away this year as it was constantly being attacked by flour beetles (which is why I I’m a bit hesitant about using flour in my mix ) I had coated it with a mixture of paint and tile grout unfortunately the beetles attacked the insides as I had bored holes to put blinker lights in the eyes from the bottom through the middle so they got in through there and bug spray was no lasting solution. So I’m considering remaking it out of this PC mixture. Has anyone discovered a way of water proofing their work, I know that cement, varnish and paint may last a few years but eventually crack and then water penetrates. I was thinking perhaps some sort of silicone spray to water proof. Fiberglass resin would be good and would work but its too thick so will ruin the fine details . Maybe a marine primer or a cement wash with cement used for underwater purposes. Any ideas ?

    • Hi Dazz. I’m glad you were able to find your supplies. But no, I don’t know how to permanently waterproof paper mache. I’ve tried, and it never works – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there that might work. People have suggested marine varnish, and it does work, they say, for temporary holiday decorations. But the water does get in, somehow, and they have to bring the work back inside and dry it out again. It isn’t a permanent solution. They make a product called foam coat that might work, but, like the resin, it might be too thick and cover your details. I’m really enjoying the epoxy clays, and they’re waterproof, but they’re also a bit expensive. If you do find something that works, please let us know. Waterproof paper mache has become the holy grail – everyone is seeking, but so far, at least to my knowledge, it hasn’t been found.

    • Dazz, I have never had a problem with bugs or critters if I use boiled linseed oil in the recipe. I don’t think they like the smell of it. I personally love that smell. It makes me feel very artistic!

  9. i’ll get some pix of a couple of the horses that were not sold. they’re out of polymer clay and are unpainted. i’m having trouble finding the posts/replies and it’s me, i don’t think it’s the site. i’m trying to find my way around. the idea to make the horse has really taken hold and i’ll want to get on it fairly soon. certainly after christmas.

    • No, it’s the site – we’re having a temporary problem with the comment function, but I hope it will be fixed today. The IT guys are working on it. And I’m so happy that you decided to go ahead with your horse. I look forward to seeing it. Keep us posted.

  10. I am posting my two Das clay images which aren’t finished yet. I am going to give them a coyt of gesso and then paint them. I find it is almost impossible to get a nice smooth finish with this clay. I guess I was just too used to polymer and will have to accept the limitations of Das and try others. I would love to try your recipes, Jonni, but I live in a two bedroom apartment with my son and daughter who came to look after me when my husband died and I don’t have room (or the mixer) for making my own clay. But I love your videos and watching you create.

    • They’re lovely, Joyce. Can you smooth the clay with a damp brush or sponge? Or put some plastic wrap over an area and press on it with your fingers? I haven’t used the product, so I don’t know a thing about it – but I know your sculptures are very nice.

      • Thanks, Jonni. I tried everything, but what I had in mind isn’t what I ended up with. Maybe when I paint them, they will have a rustic or primitive look.

    • Joyce, normally a sculpture must have a face for me to like it (I know, I know…), but these are very nice. I really want to see them when they are painted.

    • Joyce,
      I know what you mean about the limitations of that sort of clay. I bought a bunch for me and my kids to do some grandparent gifts and it was so frustrating to work with. I do like what you managed to do though! I really like their hair, it reminds me a little of old native American Indian pottery. Please do post once you have them painted πŸ™‚

  11. Depends. Was talking to my friend. He said to email him if you wanted to. He knows you’re concerned about security so he won’t be asking any questions that would make you uncomfortable. I am curious if I could get his email address to you this way, without putting it in the body of the comment. I’m not sure if you have to put the email address of the computer the comment originated from for it to post. Let’s see.

    • Hi – yes, I do see the email addresses that are put in the comment form, even though the public doesn’t see it. You wouldn’t want to put an email address in the body of a comment unless you want to receive an avalanche of spam. And you can always email me directly, if you need to contact me but don’t want the conversation to be public. As for that computer problem – we do have someone working on the comment glitch, but I just learned that he had to take the day off yesterday because he pinched a nerve playing hockey. We’ll give him a bit longer to do his magic. I’m confident that the system will be working correctly soon. I’m just not sure how soon, so we must be patient just a bit longer … πŸ™‚

  12. Jonni, did your expert get on it today? Fix it? Or are you waiting till tomorrow? Guess I’ll know if it’s fixed in a second…but won’t know if he’s working today or not.

    • Yay! I just received an email from the support person (his name is Jay) telling me the issue is fixed. I just tested it, and it really did work. Barbara from 2012 did not show up after I clicked the submit button. I’m doing a happy dance in my chair right this moment. Too early for champagne … πŸ™‚

        • Well, in this case, it probably was. Only part of the problem was fixed. I had to disable the comment subscription plugin, because it was sending links to the 2012 page, totally confusing everyone. Something is still wrong, but we’ll keep trying to figure out why. At least I found out that it isn’t just this site – other blogs have also had comment problems with the latest version of WordPress. That makes me feel slightly less crazy.

    • Yes, the guy said he’d work on it today, but he did go home last night for some reason. Probably because he wanted to spend time with his family. If he forgot that he doesn’t work on Sunday when he told me he’d be back at his desk this morning, we might have to keep using that back button for a little longer.

  13. Jonni, is everything fixed? Hope so.

    Heidi knows about your Appaloosa foal, and I’m wondering if the more info the better or if it just starts to waste someone’s time. I don’t think Heidi needs to weatherproof, and not even sure it worked,(and her horse will be full size) but remember Margaret Salisbury’s guest post:
    If one wanted to look for all horse related posts on Ultimate Paper Mache, how would one do that?

    • Hi Shelbot. I think the Flocoat that Margaret used is a form of epoxy. If there are absolutely no pinholes where water can sneak in, it should work. Since it’s also rather expensive, I’d probably use Apoxie Sculpt instead of paper mache, and skip the waterproof coating, but that’s just me, of course. And for an indoor display, paper mache will work just fie.

      For finding stuff on the site, (thank you for asking!) the easiest way is to find the search form in the green bar at the top of the site. It doesn’t seem to find images or words in the comments, unfortunately, but it will find any horse-related posts, as long as that word is included somewhere in the body of the post. I just tried it, and it showed the horse posts, plus the Ballerina Bunny because I mentioned the saw horses I had in my kitchen during a “minor” remodel. So it does work. If I didn’t ramble on so much about non-sculpture-related stuff when I write, it would work even better. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jim. Your Halloween paper mache totem sounds fascinating – I’ve never heard of anything like it, and I’d love to see it. Unfortunately, the image didn’t come through. It was probably too big. There are two links at the top of the site that might help make it smaller, if you don’t have editing software on your device – and I do hope you’ll try again. What a fun idea!

  14. I see that my little fairy house has been posted so I will show you my turtle. The house shows much larger than it is. It’s only about 3
    Inches tall and the turtle is about that width. They are both finished with Pledge floor finish which is made from acrylic. Something I learned long ago when I was in my clay “daze”.

    • Nice turtle, Joyce. I had no idea the house was so small – do you use a magnifying glass to get all the details? And does the floor finish yellow over time? I wonder what the difference is between the floor polish and acrylic varnish?

      • Thanks, Jonni and no, I have never had a problem
        With yellowing. I also use it on my kitchen and bathroom floors which are light coloured tile. I don’t know what the difference is, but years ago I belonged to a group called clayamies and it seems that Pledge ( it used to be called Future)
        was the finish recommended. It is shiny and not everyone likes that. I plan on using it on my air dry sculptures.

    • That is great creativity, Joyce. That is about as cute as you can get. Thanks.

      It seems there are many small parts to this!

  15. I hate to say it, but my last two comments (one using Internet Explorer and one using Chrome) sent me back to 2012 πŸ™ Sorry Jonni.

    • I know. But now the supervisors are working on it, and they should be able to fix it sometime today. The temporary fix was broken as soon as the newest version of WordPress was installed, again. Until then, I’m afraid we’ll need to use the back button to back where we belong. But it will be fixed soon. For sure. I hope … πŸ™‚

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