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  1. Hey, Jonni! I love the Trex so much! My grandson has claimed it to be his own….but when will it be finished gramma? ? Anyway, I’m ready to put the teeth in place and I wondering if you think it would be okay to use air dry clay? Thanks again for all your videos and patterns.
    Carol Brown

    • Hi Carol. Yes, I think the air dry clay would work just fine. I’m glad your grandson likes it – and I really hope you’ll show it off here, too – we’d love to see how it turns out. 🙂

  2. Hi I was wondering if your form for sculpting a head shape will work with Eva foam? I am looking for something that is very sturdy to build my face onto for like a cosplay design.

    • I have never used EVA foam, so I’m not sure. Some people have used my animal mask patterns with foam, but they usually print them larger and make really big masks for theater productions. I’m afraid you’d need to experiment with it to see if it would work.

  3. Hi Jonni
    I love your paper mache patterns and videos. I already made the dragon and elephant.
    I live in an area that has Big Horn sheep. I want to make some heads and eventually make an entire sheep.
    Your patterns are amazing and would love to see what you could come up with if you would be interested..

    • I’m right in the middle of making a pattern for a lamb – domesticated, though, not wild. I already have a big horn sheep head wall sculpture on my list, but the list keeps getting longer… If you make your sculpture, I hope you’ll let us see it when it’s done. 🙂

      • I am sure you have many requests and ideas. Not sure if there is a big difference between domestic lamb and a big horn except size.if I get one done before you I will share.
        Thanks for sharing all your talents.

  4. I don’t have any artwork to show today but I do want to share something that I have found that helps me and my very arthritic hands to continue to do paper mache. I love your paper mache clay recipe but find it difficult to squeeze out the water in the toilet paper. However,after much deliberation and looking around my home to find a solution, I found my old salad spinner. Once I’ve soaked the toilet paper in hot water I place it in the salad spinner and away we go. I have to drain the water two or three times to continue the spinning, but it saves my hands for the part I enjoy the most.


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