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  1. Hi all. We had a big storm here in SW Minnesota, and my power is out. If you’ve tried to send me an email or posted photos, I won’t be able to get to them until the power is back on, perhaps sometime next week. I’m writing this comment at my daughter’s house. 🙂 I hope you’re all well and making wonderful sculptures! 🙂

  2. thanks! I’ll check with Pauline. I really love what you are doing with your art! and how special that you share it with us!

  3. I have been working on the horse head pattern and would like it to have a mane that flows down his neck, maybe with a slight breezy look. My question is whether it would be better to paint the horse before I add the mane so the color of the body shows through (with whatever touch-ups it needs after adding the mane). Also, I want a dapple grey horse with dark mane. would it be possible to color the paste to get a better base color before I paint highlights, etc. Thanks for any comments anyone may have! I love the bunny and giraffe I made. Now I need a bigger shelf for future projects!

    • Hi Diana. Pauline posted some photos of her dapple grey horse. She gave it a light mane instead of a dark one, but I’ll bet she could give you some good ideas if you put a comment on her post. It can be really difficult to paint under something that has a lot of detail, like a mane, whether it’s made with paper mache or with a softer material. If it’s possible to paint the neck first, it would probably help. You can add pigments or paint to paste or paper mache clay, but you might not be able to get a really dark color because of the other ingredients. Try testing a small batch to see if you like it.

      I hope we get to see your horse when it’s done. It will look really nice next to your giraffe and bunny. 🙂

  4. Good morning-
    Can the patterns be enlarged when printing or will it compromise the integrity of the pattern. Most specifically, the Jack rabbit.

    • Yes, you can enlarge any of the patterns, as long as you enlarge each page the same amount. Set the printer to 150%, or however much bigger you want the finished piece to be, and make sure to set it the same on every page. Have fun with it! 🙂


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