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Paper Mache Chihuahua
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  • And tell us a bit about yourself. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome!

Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

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  1. Jonni, Here are the last sculptures that I made. I think the chocolate lab is complete, but the other still needs a little work. Neither is paper mache, I’m afraid.

      • Jonni, no, but the “NoButcher” animals ARE polymer clay. The lab is made of crumpled and taped foil covered with T-shirt fabric. If you look at her closely she’s kind of Frankensteiny. Although the sculpts are intended for two very nice people, not sure when I’ll give (or if they’ll want) them.

  2. Hi Jonni

    I am in the throws of planning some fun activity days for the children at our local school during the summer holidays. I would love to use your air dry paper mache clay for them to create something they will love. Do you have any suggestions as to what we could make that will be relatively easy, not too expensive and will dry within three days. I am thinking something smallish. Many thanks Marie

    • Hi Marie. The air dry clay might be difficult for the kids to use, unless they’re middle-school aged or older. It needs to be used over an armature, in a thin layer. It doesn’t work like ‘real’ clay. But if they’ll be making armatures, I’ll bet they’d love to make the blue Egyptian hippo. There are three videos, starting with this one.

  3. Hello Daily Sculptors!
    I am going to try to make this creepy mask for my son for Halloween. The video I watched of someone making it showed that they used a traditional paper mache. I’d like to use your silky clay recipe, but do you think I should do the paper mache first and add the clay over it so it was something to stick to? This is the first time I’m using these materials. Any advice you could give would be helpful! Thanks so much!

    • Angela, it is so great that you are going to make that mask. Can’t wait to see it! Jonni, and some of the other artist here really do their homework and are meticulous. I usually just throw stuff together, then wish I’d done a better job on my armature, as I struggle to make the sculpture at all acceptable. I realize that this will not help you…except maybe as a warning not to do it my way, but here are a few of my masks.
      This is Dr. Phibes

      • Keep messing up. Dr. Phibes pic too large (will resize later) and scarecrow is a “before” picture. Will try to find the “after” pic of scarecrow.

        • Thanks, Angela! Sorry I messed the pictures up. Still trying to find (most finished) Dr. Phibes pic. The scarecrow with the eyes and hat brim is, of course, the more finished one.

        • Jonni, Thank you! They are for my Texas friend. He likes creepy a little more than I do. Normally I don’t like stuff with ‘blood”, but I have to admit that I like ole Twisty best too.

            • Jonni, no, not yet. He has seen a pic of Dr. Phibes at some point. Can’t remember if I sent him any pix of the others. Started the Bates mansion for him years ago. Still not finished with it.

            • Jonni, the Bates mansion is not even completely glued together yet and the roof needs a lot of work. I tried to find out what that “fence” or that area around the roof is called. Don’t think “Widow’s walk” is accurate. Do you know,? Anyone?

            • Google says it’s a widow’s walk. Was the Bates mansion close to the ocean? I know it’s really on a movie lot (I remember a Murder She Wrote episode that takes place inside), but where was it in the actual movie?

              Google says a widow’s walk is: “a railed or balustraded platform built on a roof, originally in early New England houses, typically for providing an unimpeded view of the sea.”

            • Jonni, I never thought that the mansion in “Psycho” was supposed to be close to an ocean, but maybe it was. I actually watched that episode of “Murder She Wrote” so I could try to get a better view of the building (and I like “MSW”). I also looked online, of course. There are some great miniatures that others have made. Texas friend wanted it a little more run down than it appeared in “Psycho” so I tried to oblige.
              Here’s another sculpt that I call “The Murder House”.

        • I should point out that Twisty’s mask is polymer clay, but his face is made of Queen Jonni’s clay recipe. And the clay that made that face was whipped up by the one and only King of Sculptures, Rex!

  4. Hi Jonni, I am building a 6ft slinky from Toy Story for my daughter for a local fair. I bought you book (Make animal sculptures with paper mache clay) and using your paper Mache clay. I am using 6mm wire and was going to use news paper and wall paper paste then cover with your paper mache clay. I was wondering what would be the best paints to use. Thanks for your help and can post a picture when complete.

    • Hi Ross. I always use acrylic paint. For something that large and if it’s all one color, you might want to use Dan Reeder’s idea and use latex wall paint instead. It’s also an acrylic paint, but it’s a lot less expensive. I should also mention that I have a hard time covering wire smoothly with the paper mache clay. Try a small portion, and if you don’t like the way it’s coming out you might have better luck with several layers of paper strips and paste instead. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  5. Last April I had a show of paper mache animals and birds—mostly endangered creatures—In the Utica, NY Library. Jonni suggested I share the photo of the exhibit.

    • And right she was. Thanks. There are many wonderful creatures in there. Great work. I would loved to have seen them.

    • Andrea Doughtie, I had to zoom to see some of your wonderful creations and wish I could see each better, but that is just an amazing exhibit. You said it was last April, but do the sculptures remain at the library? Did you bring them home? I would have a hard time parting with any of those. In any event, Congratulations! Thank you for sharing.

      • I’m so pleased you liked them! I brought them home but I’m running out of space! I learned so much about endangered creatures and about sculpting with this project. I couldn’t have managed without the resources of the Internet—photos of animals in various poses and of course Jonni’s wonderful website.

        • Andrea, I love them and agree about Jonni’s website. I also understand about not having enough space, but please continue to make and show us your marvelous sculptures. Maybe even close-ups of the ones in your exhibit, if you have time? Even if not, Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Hi Jonni!

    I’m SO excited about the Lion King mask patterns!! Can you please tell me if they have tabs like the baby elephant mask or are they like the giraffe mask where you match the edges? Maybe it’s because I did the elephant first, but I really liked the tabs and how you did the guidance for the darts. Do you have any hints for how to do the ones without tabs/dart guides? Maybe I’m just being too compulsive about trying to get them to line up exactly. (Or maybe I just didn’t cut them out carefully enough.). And, for the darts, do they overlap at all like in the baby elephant pattern? Or do they just exactly come together? Thanks a million!!!

    • Hi Pam. These masks have no tabs. The elephant was made using a computer program, which was fun – but sitting at a computer for a month while I design a pattern isn’t good for my rear end. I now make all my patterns by hand, starting with a sculpture made with clay and working from there. That makes the giraffe and the new lion mask patterns ‘hand-crafted,’ so they aren’t quite as precise as a computer would make them. But all seams are covered by paper mache, so any tiny gap is covered and will never be seen.

      Some of the seams are much easier to line up if you turn the pieces over and tape them from the back.

      I hope that helps.

  7. Pia Blackwell, your dogs are truly fantastic. And I want that adorable little chimp you made. SO GOOD!
    Rex, as others have pointed out, your stained glass is gorgeous and your little guys with their rainbow caps are wonderful. I remember your “Pretty in Pink” unicorn. And those spectacular giraffes… You definitely remain one of my fave artists. Always.
    Susan Stelmack, I am an authorized sculpture inspector and you need to send me EVERYTHING you’ve ever made by July 1st. But for now I shall expect that dragon ASAP. Seriously, Susan, you are amazing. Your sculpts are stunning. And Rex and I still want to live at your house.
    Sylvia Corbett, I wish I could see your hummingbird better (always had bad vision, but now my eyes are so old they’re almost fossilized), but it looks really pretty. Kinda speechless about that deer head. Just absolutely gorgeous. I love it! And chef’s kiss to your bear head too.
    Teresa S, your little rat with his morning coffee is truly adorbs. And I know that you have made other very desirable pieces, but more pix please.
    Eileen, I sing “Come On Eileen” in my head all the time and always think of you. I think this is for MY Eileen: Your Chapstick snail deserves props. I really LOVE him/her. How is your friend? Did she love the snail too? And how was your son’s wedding? Or is that still to come?
    Jonni, THANK YOU for your amazing art, your hard work, generosity and this website. You, like Rex, are one of the best people on earth.
    For everyone who tries to post a pic that is too large: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try again (and again)! I/we really want to see your wondrous works of art.

    • Shelbot, my man! Good to hear from you! And how sweet of you to comment on all the good work these days. My friend who had the open heart surgery (aged 53 poor gal) is doing beautifully and the wedding is not till October. I still have a bunch to do but I may put that stuff aside to get back into sculpting for a bit for sanity’s sake. I miss it when I don’t get to do art every day. Jonni issued a challenge several years back to do something art related every day. I took it to heart and tried it. Until recently that is. I feel like a part of me is missing so I must return! Hope you are well and don’t be a stranger!

      • Eileen,
        So good to hear from you too! Really glad that your friend is doing well. I don’t suppose your son’s wedding will have a Halloween theme by any chance? I never do anything for Halloween, except maybe make a sculpt or costume for someone, but I love that time of year. Did you post pix of everything you made during the time you accepted Jonni’s challenge? In any event, I hope that life is good and that soon you do make more wonderful creations for us to feast our eyes on.

      • I can relate to that. I get grouchy when the house needs cleaning or something needs doing outside and I can’t work on an art project! (I fixed pancakes for breakfast!)

        • Rex, you gave me the biggest laugh of the day, but nobody but you and I know why! We are all allowed our secrets arent we?

    • Hi Mister Shelbot , Thank you so much for your kind words .If you would ask my husband he would say Jonni created a paper mache monster in me hahahaha . I was at the store and in my cart are 3 bags of flower and corn starch , someone ask me if I was a big baker . So much fun and oh so addictive . I keep challenging myself my next two projects are a gorilla head sculpture and a sculpture of myself and one of my dogs when we where competing in a championship. I am using cloth mache for the clothing on my self all I have to go by is a small low quality picture but it is one of my favorites . I like to share my latest creation with you a gargoyle I made for my son . This gargoyle is starting to wake up it is after midnight in his world so he had opened his eyes while the rest of him is still in stone . I made him beautiful red /yellow/blue eyes to go with his dragon like features. Can’t see them very well in the picture but they are my very first DIY glass eyes . Again Thank you so much for your praise .

      • Pia, I love everything about your response. People thinking that you are a baker because of you PM supplies. LOL. I cannot wait to see your gorilla and you and your pup and more of your amazing work. Always had a fascination with gargoyles, but, Pia, this is the most appealing one I’ve ever seen. His claws, his wings and especially that face and those eyes (you made those???). Your son is incredibly lucky. Did he see it during the process or only after the sculpture was completed? Anyway, it is spectacular.

        • Mister Shelbot , thank you . I only send a picture of it to my son and one video when I had placed the eyes .Those eyes follow you it was so cool when I first placed them . He hasn’t picked it up yet so he has not seen it. It looks a tad better then the picture . I like gargoyles too got one in the garden my son in law gave me and I like to make another one now that the frustration of mistakes I made on the first had been a good lesson , the second should be much easier .Yes ,I bought some glass cabochons for the eyes watched a few videos and off I went 🙂

        • Thank you , Jonni ,no paper mache clay made out of the cellulose stuff . I wanted it with a rougher surface . The base same clay with tray cardboard ripped apart . The nails and teeth your air dry clay

      • Pia, I’m envious and jealous! That is a great gargoyle. I have three small ones in my bathroom, but this guy is just great. I haven’t had the nerve to try and make one. (When I used to travel, I would scout out gargoyles on churches, etc., and took photographs of many of them.) Anyway, you are a master artist, no doubt about it. Thank you.

  8. HI Jonni,

    It’s Sylvia again. This deer head is not completely done, but I think it’s ready enough. I had a hard time with the cardboard because it hurt my hands. I had to make adjustments on the fly. My antlers dried over night and moved more than I would have liked. The project was a challenge and I enjoyed it. Your patterns are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you will create a moose soon. They are my favorite wild animal.

    • Sylvia, that is really nice. Years ago I had feeders all around the house. I could use a few of those.

      I was talking to the bank teller the other day and we got talking about hummingbirds and sunflowers. She asked, “Do they go together?” and I said, “Hummingbirds go with everything.” Might have to add that to my list. Love the colors. Thanks.

  9. Hi , I have a question . How long do you let your creations dry after painting before you apply a sealer ?? almost finished painting the gargoyle , only the bottom is left , it is a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze , perfect 🙂 and it’s paint should be finished today . I used acrylic paint . Thanks in advance and Happy crafting !

    • Hi Pia. I’m not an expert when it comes to paint cure times – but I’d wait until the next day before adding an acrylic varnish. Other readers might be more qualified to answer your question, though. 🙂

      • Thanks Jonni , I waited until today .I accidentally broke it’s tail almost off as I was tipping him to it’s side to paint underneath ,so a repair was needed . Now he is finally on his base and had his 2nd coat of varnish and soon he will be moving to my son’s house .

  10. Hiya. I’ve been a fan and student if yours since September.

    I’ll try to attach a photo. I got started on paper mache because of Halloween … I had a bunch of moving boxes and I turned them into a tasteful yet challenging modern art installation. I’ve been hooked ever since but my work is now smaller and even more tasteful.

    I live in a place where the internet simPly won’t let me see your site so I’m excited that now as I’m on vacation in a better connected place I can read your site & see your patterns! I bought your paper mache books and looooove them! And I brought The Owl Thief along as my vacation book. You’re an author as well as a guru! I’m so impressed with all you do and are.

    • Gosh, Genevieve – thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, your photo didn’t come through, but we would love to see the sculptures you’ve made. If your device can’t save photos in a smaller size, you can use this free online photo resizer to make them smaller. They need to be under 250 kb, because really big photos slow down the site.

    • Genevieve,

      Read the other book by Jonni, also. They are both great, and you will miss West Elmer after you’re finished! Would love to see your stuff, especially modern art!

  11. Hi, I’m making a baby elephant and am having trouble with my masking tape not wanting to stick and getting it tight. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong! Please help!

    • Hi Amy. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Masking tape is notorious for not sticking very well. The best masking tape I’ve found is the Scotch brand. You can find it in almost any DIY store. All other brands I’ve used come unstuck and leave little points all over the sculpture. You can make the tape stick tighter, at least for a short time, if you burnish the tape with a round tool or the side of a pen. Good luck with it!

      • Thanks so much!! I did try another brand and it was a sticking yesterday. I’ll try the scotch brand too. Thanks again!

    • I was trying to tape down some cardboard this morning and invented new swear words about the masking tape. I thought of you. I need to go out and get the Scotch brand. It works well for me, also. And bad masking tape will drive you nuts. It’s not you. Please show us the elephant when you get finished. Thanks.

  12. Hi there. I love your creativity. I am making an ostrich and I am concerned about the legs. I’m not sure they will be able to hold the weight of the body and I’m not sure what I should make the legs out of so they are sturdy and strong and are able to stand up on their own. Do you or does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Mariann. How big is your ostrich? If it’s going to be fairly large, you might want to take a look at Kelly Richard’s guest post. She made a great blue heron, but the leg construction would be similar. You need a very stiff rod of some kind inside the legs. Another option would be rebar, which you can find cut in various lengths at the DIY store.

      Good luck with it!

  13. Hi Jonni I have your books , thank you so much, they are brilliant. I have made 4 dogs but have added hessian as a type of fabric mache finish. What do you think ??

    • Hi Dee. I think that’s a great idea. Do you have a photo of your dogs that you’d be willing to share? You can post a photo in a comment, if it’s less than 250 kb. We’d love to see them.

    • very cool , Susan . Did you make the hanger option into the body ? I like that it hangs on one . I want to make a eagle for my hubby’s man cave and I thought I would need two places to hang it from.

      • Thank you Pia, I did use a screw eye bolt into the wood frame, because of the weight of the dragon he does not swing like I thought might happen with 1 bolt.

    • Oh, that is great. I need to get busy making a dragon for a baby, and maybe this will inspire me to get going. Love the colors. There are many details that are wonderful.

      I’m with Pia on the hanging. I made three holes for my pterodactyl, but this works well. I miss seeing your creations, so this is special!

  14. Here are two more of these guys. One is going to the neighbor who had a painting outside their house for a holiday (the inspiration), and the other is going to my vet — or my dog’s vet!

    Pia, it’s not what I ought to be working on. I have two piggy banks I need to work on.

    • And because I can’t seem to make birds in three dimensions, here is what I made for a wedding present. (Sorry for the horrid photograph.)

      • Rex, your stained glass birds are just beautiful! I love the glass you chose for the background…it looks like a beautiful sky. How are those fingers? All sliced?
        I like your little wizards, fun and adorable. To me they look more like gnomes in a winter hat. Really cute.

        • Usually I know all the glass I’m going to use in a project, but I found a sheet of the blue glass in the background and cut those pieces out first. It was a bit stressful because I couldn’t break a piece or the background wouldn’t flow together. When I saw how blue it was, I decided “orange” birds would be the answer! It came together really well, and I didn’t slice a finger. Unusual in itself. I’m usually wearing bandaids for weeks after, but just one tiny poke!

          Okay. Gnomes has one vote! Thanks. I like that.

      • I wish I could get people to tell me what they are! Can we take a vote?

        (Maybe I’ve read too much of Terry Pratchett — Discworld series — so I think of them as a wizard?)

        Thanks, Jonni

    • Wow Rex your stained glass is beautiful . What a great present to give !! I just finished a piece again . It’s another dog 🙂 but this time a different breed made it for my sister and it resembles her doggy .Oh and the gargoyle is coming along had to take his head off last night because he did not have a neck after I got done with shoulders . Humanoid beings seem more difficult for me . Oh I know I should be doing other things instead of paper mache but it’s so addicting . I got mine on the counter in the kitchen so during the day I can work here and there on it and before I know it hours go by and I still got dirty dishes in the sink . Happy Crafting to ya

          • Oh, wow! Another perfect one! You are good. I have a cousin with two yorkies. They are cute. Thank you for showing us. The ball is a great idea and color.

            I can’t believe that!

            • Thank you ,Jonni , I am happy you noticed the fur texture . I had my first try at it and I am happy with the result . The real Max likes to play ball so after I lifted one leg I gave him a big ball as to let his people know he wants to play . I had him done pretty quick can’t say that for the gargoyle I am making for my son , it is coming along so slowly , many parts I had to make separate .

            • Hi Jonni , forgot to mention I ordered one of your books hasn’t arrived yet looking fwd to it .

  15. I just recieved you book making animals, great little book. I haven’t done a horse in this book. I am working an altered book to be a Cauasel and want to Sculpture my own horses. Sculpting is new art form for me and I am not exactly sure how different is a Cauasel horse from a normal horse other than embellishments it has on it. Can you give me any suggestions on this matter. Thank you for all that you share with us in this area.

    • Hi Margaret. Thanks for ordering the book. As far as I know, a carousel horse is the same as a real one, but they usually have their feet in a running position instead of sitting flat on the ground. The proportions of the sculpture would be the same as a real horse. I think the painting of the horse itself is also somewhat simplified, so you wouldn’t paint in tiny fur marks or anything like that. How will you be making the saddles and other decorations? And how will they be held up?

    • What a great idea, Margaret. I love carousel horses. Are you going to make large ones? Jonni gives great instructions in her book. If you follow them, you’ll do a great job.

      This is the first “horse” I made. My vet’s daughter wanted a unicorn. She was 13. She wanted a pink and gold one (her dad was having a fit), and then she said, “And I want flowers in the mane.” I have a sister who raised horses, and she said the mane and tail were silly. Anyway, have fun. Please let us see what you do.

  16. Hi!
    I’m new here and just celebrated my daughter’s Harry Potter themed baby shower!

    These are some sculptures I created.

    The sorting hat has the recipe Jonni scared on the base.

    It was a great time creating art again… even though these are fantastical.
    The owls are just chicken wire, tissue paper and card stock ripped into strips.


  17. what is everyone creating ? I’m working on a gargoyle and a small Yorkie dog . I caught the paper mache bug I can’t seem to stop . I even dreamed about it the other night . I ran out of corn starch for one batch had the bright idea to use some gold bound powder , yesterday I was working on the little dog and thought what is that smell hahaha it was my clay . The doggy smells like gold bound powder !

  18. Would the paper mache clay recipe from your YouTube channel work for small (about the palm of your hand) objects without a cardboard backing? Specifically pressing the clay into a small mold and letting it dry until it is hard.
    If not, could you recommend a recipe/product that would work for this?
    I have to make a bunch of small coins, and I needed something more paint-able than resin.

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