Custom dress form… finally

Made by Tiffany Cooper

I finally finished making a custom dress form for sewing. I used plaster bandages to make the molds. (1st one was too thin so I had to start over) Then I used the paper mache clay with no flour recipe to make my form. Followed the recipe amounts but used paper insulation and wallpaper adhesive. I’ve actually built the top half of the stand right into the form with clay. After lots of time drying, I glued the 2 sides together and filled any gaps with more clay. I think she turned out awesome 🙂 After sanding down a couple spots, I sealed it, put a thin layer of batting, and covered her in a stretchy fabric so I can pin things to her.

Paper mache dress form

Paper mache dress form

1 thought on “Custom dress form… finally”

  1. Talk about a practical use for paper mache! Your dress form will come in so handy. I sew also and could have used this for when I remade a bride’s mother’s gown. Great idea. You must sew a lot to go through so much trouble!


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