Crystal Wall Lamp

Made by Kris Pratt

I was inspired by many different things when creating this. The base is made with egg cartons glued together to make the basic rock formation, then covered in the paper mache clay(using egg cartons instead of toilet paper). The “crystals” are made from the plastic window parts of toy packaging boxes. I cut and glued the plastic in different angles to try to make them look crystal-like. I put random splotches of paint on the insides of the plastic shapes to give them their colours. I covered the outsides of the plastic “crystals” in about 4 layers of white tissue paper pasted on with a mixture of water and glue. The lights are just a simple set of LED lights I bought at the dollar store, I put a compartment on the back to hold the battery pack.

It makes me happy to know that it was almost entirely made from “garbage”, even the wires to hang it were scraps left from our basement renos.

I still have many more projects in the works….

Crystal Wall Lamp DIY

Crystal Wall Lamp DIY

6 thoughts on “Crystal Wall Lamp”

  1. It’s so amazing in the pic yet frustrating because I know it’s GORGEOUS in person!!! I want to try but it looks intimidating. Well done!

  2. You win the prize! These are wonderful and amazing. A few friends and I are trying to paint crystals. They are nothing close to these wonderful creations. Thank you.


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