Crane with Iris – work in progress

Made by Lee Bell

Hi Everyone – First I want to say Thank you!!!! for your support on my book crete chae clay, It was an experience and a learning process for sure. Finally after July 22 I think I had most corrections complete and it has done really well on Amazon . I have been working on setting up group and projects and getting to know people who have reached out with questions . It has been really lovely and I appreciate the support from you all and Jonni so very much. The new work is approx 7 feet and I am just starting the underpainting. Im very excited about the purple Iris and I am really enjoying getting better control over having open spaces in the designs and enjoying the extra building options that finally getting the welder has made possible structurally.

9 thoughts on “Crane with Iris – work in progress”

      • If you ever decide to sell it, I hope I’m first on the list. I have birds all over my house! This is absolutely the most gorgeous thing I can imagine. It really belongs in a museum.

        • Wow, Rex Thanks! All of my work is for sale . If you are really serious please get in touch with me through my website. This piece is quite large ( just making sure you realize the size) . She is approx 80 inches tall. 6 foot 8 inches tall by 41- 42 inch wide at the circular framing. I was thinking of increasing her height a bit for an outdoor exhibition that would require a base . Would you want her to be inside or outside ? That would inform more about the base needs and if you dont mind my asking where do you live ? Weather and shipping or personal delivery would be a consideration. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and please do get in touch . Lee


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