Crack in Crutch

Made by Dawn Garrett

Hello Jonni,

Thank you for your reply.

This is the owl that is cracked at the base of his crutch. I thought I had the cracked fixed and started to paint him. But the crack is back.

I have put in whole pictures as well as where the crack is, so you can see it from all perspectives.

Thank you,

Owl sculpture with broken crutch

Owl sculpture with broken crutch

3 thoughts on “Crack in Crutch”

  1. Thank you Jonni,

    It does have wire in it. I’m not sure what happened to this.

    I dug that cracked spot out and filled it in with your clay mache recipe. Now that its dry, I’m going to use some strips of mattress sheets dipped in that Titebond glue. Once that is dry, I’ll put another round of regular paper mache to smooth it out. Hopefully all of this will REALLY enforce it.

    Crossing Fingers it works. Then I can finally finish painting it.

    Thank you again,

  2. Thanks, Dawn. Now I can see what you meant when you told us you sculpted a two-legged owl with a crutch. It’s a great sculpture. 🙂

    Is there any way that you could insert a strong wire that goes for the length of the crutch and then down into the base of the sculpture? That would keep it from bending again after you repair the crack. We get that kind of crack right at a joint, like where a cat’s tail is attached, for instance. In your case, the base should be supporting the crutch, so I’m not sure why it’s cracking. Getting some reinforcement in there should fix it, though. Good luck with it! 🙂


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