Cow crashes into the moon.

Made by Jennifer Green

A different twist on an old story.
I love to sculpt because it allows me to access my vivid and constantly out there imagination. I find it a release and very fulfilling. Calming even.
I put a lamp in our oven with a 60 watt bulb to dry them overnight and the first thing l do is check the piece in the morning. Usually fixing what I don’t like from the day before. Hands and toes are challenging sometimes but I’m getting there.
Thanks for looking at my sculpture. I hope you smile.

Cow crashes into the moon.

Cow crashes into the moon.

4 thoughts on “Cow crashes into the moon.”

  1. Why thank you.
    Do you sculpt And is it somewhere here? I would love to see it!
    I’ve posted more if your interested.

  2. I feel terrible for that poor little cow. Guess I should feel bad for the moon, but I’m kind of over it. : ) Really good, imaginative piece.

    • Hello again Mister Shelbot.
      Poor cow indeed but I’m glad your over it and glad you like my work.
      It is my intention to make people smile and if you did then I have succeeded.
      My sculptures are not thought provoking. They are just happy little people and/or animals.


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