Cow being eaten by vampire bats

Made by Tam Kyle

Halloween 2019, we are thrift shopping for Halloween costumes, And my 4 year old finds the blood spattered dress in the photo I’ve shared, She wants it. I tell her we can get it if she can think of what her costume would be, . Her original plan was to be a bat. she is very science minded, loves bats. She looks at the dress for a few minutes and tells me quite confidently that she is going to be a bloody cow being eaten by vampire bats. I was impressed with the idea and suggested we make a felt face mask with a ribbon tie to which she replied with her most convincing Expressions of excitement “no, it needs to be a WHOLE head.”

Later in the week we found your site and now Halloween will never be the same!

This year her ideas are A Komodo dragon, a robot, or hornet larvae (also her idea when she heard Her dad and I talk about making hornet masks)

We ended up making two cow masks. dad and I wore them to our local Halloween bash and then our daughter affixed the blood and bats and wore one to preschool and to go trick-or-treating.

cow masks
Cow being eaten by vampire bats

4 thoughts on “Cow being eaten by vampire bats”

  1. I love the story…no princesses for your girl! And hornets with their larva, hysterical! Nice job on the mask making too!

  2. FOUR! Genius. That is about as good as it gets. Halloween at its best. Thank you for being such great parents and letting the children create like this!

  3. Tam, I can see that you have a very creative family, and your daughter has a great imagination. It would have been fun to see her preschool teacher’s face when she wore her costume to school. 🙂

    Please remember to come back and show off this year’s costumes, too. We would love to see them.


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