Country Christmas Ornaments

Made by Betty Stills

Here are a few more of my paper mache ornaments and small brooches I made using powdered Activa CelluClay Instant paper mache product.

The trick to a pie crust like texture clay. Is to add water to the powder very slowly, kneading as you go, just like you would if making bread.

A loop can be added and a cord attached, for a nice necklace as well.

My granddaughter pinned two of my tiny brooches to little stockings as a way to display them on her Christmas tree.

The small brooches are 100% paper mache, no aluminum foil is inside those.

I used acrylic paint and water based varnish

The Santa ornaments have a aluminum foil base.

I hope I have inspired you to make some memories of your own. Happy Holidays everyone.

Christmas ornaments made with Active Celluclay2

Christmas ornaments made with Active Celluclay

2 thoughts on “Country Christmas Ornaments”

  1. What a great idea to make ornaments! I love the facial details of the moustaches and beards! You definitely inspired me to create some ornaments!

    • It would be wonderful to have inspired others to create something.

      Paper mache clay is so forgiving and easy to work with.

      I prefer making Christmas ornaments. The projects do not take as long to make and any theme will be fine. You can make animals, people, objects and more.

      Ornaments are fun to make with kids too. They love it.


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