Concrete Lion Head Sculpture is Done

lion mask patternNote: I recently created a new pattern for a paper mache lion mask. It’s a great choice if you love lions but you don’t want to hand-sculpt a lion’s face out of clay and cast it in concrete. The downloadable lion mask pattern is made with cardboard pieces taped together, plus one layer of paper mache and that lovely raffia mane (made with a cheap table skirt). It isn’t waterproof, though, like the concrete lion in the video.

And now, back to the original post:

The concrete lion head is finished – at least the concrete part. I’ll probably add some sort of final finish to it after it’s fully cured.

The first one had a lot of air bubbles on the surface, so I made a second one with a thinner mix of Quikwall. Next time, I’ll try sculpting directly over an armature that’s made just like the ones I make for paper mache, but with a plywood pattern instead of cardboard. Stay tuned!

Also, I was wondering what you all think of me starting a Kickstarter campaign to help me buy a better camera for these videos – one with an external mic so the noise problem would go away. (I taped a rather long segment for this video out in my back yard, because I thought it would get me away from the traffic noise at the front of the house. When I checked the video, all I could hear was the whooshing noise from the wind. The only part I could keep was the few seconds at the beginning. Dang – what a colossal waste of time! It’s really starting to take the fun out of making these videos.)

If you think a Kickstarted campaign is a good idea, what do you think it would it take to bribe people to contribute? Or do you just think it’s a silly idea? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. I think many of us owe a great deal to you Jonni and would be glad to contribute in any way that we can. Your knowledge sharing and experimenting has benefitted us in ways you can not imagine. Let us know the details so we can contribute.

  2. Hi
    You can try to go find a camera shop that is privately own not a franchise show them the great work you do, and ask them if they would be willing to give you the equipment you need.
    Or loan it to you.
    Now in return you can put there advertising on with your video or just mention there name when rolling and thanking them for helping you?
    Just an idea!
    Good luck…

  3. hi jonni love your lion , i too have been experimenting with your clay s and concrete , i have found that your original clay can be mixed with concrete and sand mix called render cemente here in australia / i mixed it straight in and spread it on as usual seems to be water proof but we are only at the beginning of winter rains will let you know if they melt and will send you a photo. keep on experimenting love it so much. regards sally

  4. HI Jonni,

    I’m just back from the bush-full of inspiration for my next piece-I loved the Lion-he looks great very regal!
    I think the kick start campain is a good idea. If you have a paypal button we can all contribute a little-after all you give so much advice and pleasure to people! Why don’t you try a rifle type directional microphone? take your camera to a store and ask them if you can try one out-that way you keep the old camera and don’t have to learn a new one. Most cameras come with omnidirection microphones that pick sound up from all over , a rifle microphone mainly picks up from sound from where it is pointed. Or try taping a cardboard tube with a funnel attached around the external microphoe if you camera has one-it can help I have done it myself. Good luck!

    • Sadly, my video camera doesn’t have a plugin for an external microphone. That would be ideal. Do you use the rifle type mic for your videos? What camera are you using? (I can see from your videos that you know what you’re doing, so any advice would be appreciated!)

  5. You have given so much that I think everyone would gladly help you with a new camera. I have learned so much. Thank you

  6. Jonni LOVE your lion!!

    You need new equipment- who better to make that purchase happen but every one of us who benefit from your freely offered generous talent? Great idea woman!

    I agree with everyone here. Get that ball rolling and prepare to be surprised just how fast your new equipment purchase will be made possible!

  7. Hi Jonni, that lion head came out fantastic. Yes, do have a kickstarter fund and I would love to help. Your videos are so informative and you impact people in ways that jump start creativity. I started out with my photo book and I was going to have a simple set up, DIY book and now, you got my creative juices flowing and the book is now taking a life of its own. I am setting a date of end of June to get that book out. I have started some experiments that have had the results of do it differently or it will not work. That is what I am doing now. But, if it were not for this blog, that book would not even have seen the light of day.

    • Hi Christine. I’m so glad I was able to offer some inspiration – and that you’re going ahead with that book. Will it be self-published, like mine are? What program are you using to design the book?

      I hope you meet your deadline, but don’t be surprised if it takes you a little longer than you expect – every time I think my doll book is “almost done,” I decide I have to make a pattern just a little better, or retake a series of photos… sigh. But now the end is really near, and it should be ready to edit by next Friday.

      Be sure to let us know when your book is available – I know I’ll be watching for it.

  8. Hi Jonni,
    Wonderful job on your lion! So fun to see the process! I found one of your recipes a while ago and loved it, but recently I revisited your blog, found your air-dry clay recipe and have fallen in love all over again! I really appreciate you sharing what you learn and I really get a kick out of watching how your projects unfold by your videos. I am amazed and inspired by what you do and I would be more than happy to pledge money towards a camera on Kickstarter! I would miss your videos if you stopped making them out of frustration and lack of time. Anyway, I will have to share some photos of the projects I have been made with the help of your recipes. Thanks so much!

  9. Jonni, you might want to look into other cloud-sourcing sites. H found at least one (I’ll ask him… Indigogo? I think?) where you don’t have to make the entire amount to get the money. With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing.

    Can you maybe get an external mic that plugs into your camera, and on which you can put a noise reducer thingy?

  10. First off that lion head is ….. well…. it turned out amazing.
    second, I see nothing wrong with your kickstart idea, you spend allot of time giving out free advice and helpful hints ect. Im not sure how you’d implement it though, a donate button or something?

  11. The lion looks grand .Thank you for sharing your sources on mold making .I wish more artists would share .
    Kickstarter – I have several friends that have been funded . One wanted to attend an opening in Poland , another to have books printed etc .I think it’s a great idea and you should go for it .

    Best regards,
    Wendy ( who is still working on the giraffes.

  12. Hi Jonni, Gorgeous Lion head! And I don’t think a kick-start campaign is silly at all! You are so generous to share all your information with us – it’s the least we could do to help you have some really nice equipment to do it with! Will you be able to accept Pay-Pal? I would definitely contribute. Maybe not a lot, but hopefully anything will help. I hope you will sell your garden art!

  13. Hi Jonni,
    A kickstarter campaign is a great idea. Maybe for over a certain donation one of your books or an exclusive workshop for those who donate. If you’re gonna get a good new camera, try not to scrimp. Remember, save the receipt incase the new camera is not much better than the old one. Also, Steve Good at scrollsaw workshop blog does lots of great solo videos on his web site and You Tube. He might have some camera suggestions suggestions.


  14. Hi! Jonni,

    I love the Lion head sculpture you created. You did an amazing job! It will look beautiful as garden art.

    The Kickstarted campaign isn’t a silly idea at all. I thought the video you made was fine, with very little background noise. A video alfresco ;o) All good!

    Thanks! for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Jonni,
    That turned out pretty darn Good (pardon the play on your name)
    Tell me more about the kick-start campaign. Your videos are a great source of inspiration
    and knowledge. I enjoy learning your techniques. The videos should be as fun to make
    as they are to watch.
    I will definitely donate to the cause! Lets get this ball rolling.


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