Concert in the Park

Made by Jon Keller

This piece was made with brown paper bag paper mache , used printer paper paper mache , and wood.

I started by making the cello . For this I used balsa wood . The wood I used was thin and easily chipped , so I had to work very slowly and delicately . I used a needle and thread for the strings .

The bench is made from used-printer paper paper mache ( the two supports on the sides ) and hardwood . The wood that I had was too thick so each piece had to be split the long way , sanded , and painted bench green.

For the figure I made a wire frame . Then I wrapped the frame with napkins and foil …..and paper tape . The brown paper bag paper mache was applied a little at a time , allowing drying in between . Once dry the shape was tweaked with a moto tool . For the hat I used acrylic polymer clay.

The pigeons were made with the printer paper paper mache with toothpicks for the beaks and he legs . They were painted with acrylic paint .

The lamp post was made from scraps of wood .

The base is a cutting board . First painted black then speckled with gray paint and a toothbrush.

Everything ( except the figure and the base…and I still may varnish them , not sure yet ) was varnished with matt varnish.

It can be displayed with or without the lamp post ( it is not attached to the base ).

Concert in the Park sculpture by Jon Keller

Concert in the Park sculpture by Jon Keller

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  1. That is one extraordinarily fabulous New York scene! That cello is to die for, and all those pigeons! It was well planned and well executed! Just like writers are to write about what they know, the same goes for artists! Well done Jon!


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