Cocker Versus Cactus

Made by Pam Jurach

Inspired by my friends’ rescued cocker. They were near Joshua Tree at the time where the cholla cacti are plentiful and NOT dog-friendly. His back seemed too blank, so I added my interpretation of an angry Black Chested Sparrow to fill the space.

Paper mache cocker spaniel

8 thoughts on “Cocker Versus Cactus”

  1. I can so relate! With 3 pooches in Tucson, AZ. Of course the artwork is great, otherwise I wouldn’t have immediately switched to an emotional response to the situation 🙂

  2. OH I just Love him. What a fabulous expression on his fave. It makes you want to cuddle him . the Angry looks really angry. Great Job . you have inspired me to be a more creative in what i make So thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Ken. It got me excited about 1) a stack of animals, and 2) resin eyes and possibly other resin applications.

  3. I love your Cocker. He is just perfect. And you’re not afraid of color.

    We grew up with cockers, and you don’t see many around any more. He definitely is letting you know he needs help. I suppose it is coming quickly.

    Thank you. Delightful and well done. The bird is a great addition.

    • Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, especially from a “cocker-person.” I’m more familiar with the flat-faced pooches.


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