Clay Recipe Craftastrophe

Made by Ryan Dufrene

Hi guys and gals! I contacted Jonni about a month ago as to whether or not I could show part of her video and use her Paper Mache Clay recipe in one of my tutorials! She of course said, “Yes” because she’s cool. You RULE Jonni!

Below is a link to the tutorial on YouTube. I love how crazy strong Jonni’s Clay is and the texture that it gives is completely unique. I decided to make a creature for a small stop motion film and figured that Jonni’s Paper Mache Clay would do the trick. So I mixed up a batch. It worked better than expected and did I mention that it is strong?

One great thing that you can do with it is make an armature out of wire and then place the mache where the “bones” of your figure would be. When dry you will have a poseable figure that you can continue to sculpt over, leave it as is, or heck – make a stop motion movie like I did!

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Stop motion puppets - the whole gang

Fish Guy, stop motion puppet

2 thoughts on “Clay Recipe Craftastrophe”

  1. This video was hysterically weird and oddly satisfying to watch. You have a funny sense of humor and great imagination! Thanks for a fun video. Next time you make clay, you might enjoy Jonni’s smooth clay recipe…it might work better for your limbs than her regular clay. You use it just like regular clay rather than having to apply with a tool. Have fun!


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