Clay Lion

Made by Jim Simon

Hi Jonni,
I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to sculpt this Lion. I’m 75 years old and a want to be sculptor. Watching your videos made me think maybe I could possibly sculpt a Lion head. I’m just a beginner at sculpting but I’m sure glad you made the video, I may not have ever tried to make the Lion without your video. Thank you so very much.

Jim Simon

5 thoughts on “Clay Lion”

  1. Jim, I’m your age, and you have shown me up. This is really beautiful. Obviously you have talent. The finish is really nice. I was in England decades ago and heads of lions are very popular. I loved the ones like that they were used as door knockers. And I’m not suggesting drilling any holes in for a knocker, but this is truly a beautiful lion.

  2. You are 75 years young with tons of talent! Lovely loins head…you must have spent hours sanding it to that smooth finish. Nice work!


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