Christmas ornaments

Made by Eileen

Every year I make a Christmas ornament for my grandchildren. It usually depicts something from the year. This year 2 of them were in a sunflower wedding, one was a sloth for Halloween, the last was a chameleon for Halloween. These are ceramic, not paper mache….but they could have so totally been done with paper mache! Of course, their names and the year are on the back, that way they can take them with them when they leave their parents homes and have a memory of Grandma in future Christmas’s.

1 thought on “Christmas ornaments”

  1. Eileen, your Christmas ornaments look wonderful hanging on the tree. I’m partial to the sloth, of course, but I think it would be really fun to have a whole tree covered with the sunflowers. It would remind us northerners that the sun will come back and the snow will go away – eventually. 🙂


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