Chimpanzee Sculpture is Done!

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The chimpanzee sculpture that I started three or four weeks ago is finally done! I really like this guy. As soon as I finish painting my kitchen I’ll make a stand for him.

This is a mixed media sculpture. The face was cast in Aqua-Resin, and the body was formed with paper mache over a clay master. When the paper mache was dry the clay was removed. Then I added texture (and the wrinkles on the fingers) with more paper mache and paper mache clay. When it was absolutely dry I sealed the sculpture and sprayed on a primer to prepare it for the iron coating from Sculpt Nouveau.

When the second coat of iron coating was still wet, I sprayed it with Tiffany green patina (which causes the iron to rust). After allowing the patina to work it’s magic for about 24 hours I then sealed the sculpture with Sculpt Nouveau’s clear metal wax. I finished buffing him about 15 minutes ago, and I couldn’t wait to show him off.

By the way, since I’ve never used the iron coating before, I relied heavily on these videos from Brick in the Yard on YouTube.

I have never used such expensive materials in a sculpture before, (or such a complicated construction method!) but I love the way he came out. He’s about 12 1/2″ high, 14″ wide and deep. Click on the photos below to see them enlarged.

35 thoughts on “Chimpanzee Sculpture is Done!”

  1. Hi Jonnie

    came up on this sculpt of yours while I was searching for primate sculpts because I like to use some pose with hands arms on my new gorilla sculpt . I like this pose a lot . The piece is magnificent !! Would you mind if I do something very similar in pose with my gorilla ?

    • Yes, of course you can. I loved that sculpture, but when I moved I couldn’t bring him with me. He’s now living in a restaurant in Washington, and that’s too far away for me to visit. 🙂 I’d love to see how you interpret the pose with your gorilla.

      • Thank you ! At first it was suppose to be a total body sculpt and I was excited to do something new and different , hands and feet of an Ape ! . Then they changed their mind to a head bust . So this is my half way mark . Aww to bad you had to leave it behind but I am sure the restaurant owner and their customers enjoy seeing this piece . You sure did an outstanding job


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