Chief Flat Horn Moose

Made by Marisa Pierce

Well it’s not quite finished yet but here is what I have, it is a Moose but you cannot probably tell , made my own pattern with just paper rolled into balls, and made a base, to be able to mount on the wall I am going to use Jonni’s paper Mache clay to some parts of the Moose to create some fur like texture and then going to sand and prime and then paint when it is finished I will post I did take pictures from the start so I will also post those as well I hope you like and continue to watch Ultimate Paper Mache videos and like her videos and subscribe to her channel God gifted her with an amazing talent 🙂

Paper mache moose head Paper mache moose head

2 thoughts on “Chief Flat Horn Moose”

    • Thank you I have uploaded new pictures of where I am at thus far, I have already sanded and primed Chief Flat Horn now he is ready to paint thank you btw ?


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