Charlie Chaplin

Made by Robert

Charle Chaplin foot dancing.
On its way to air dry clay. My armature is
99% foil with wire in arms. Spine and back
Is wood and cardboard. Did five adjustments along
The way.

Foil armature , Lot of garage time left this is for a friend that’s (85) young.
Loves silent funny movies. Tutorial help on cardboard shaping.


Charle Chaplin foot dancing.

Charle Chaplin foot dancing.

Paper  Mache Charlie Chaplin Dancing Armature

2 thoughts on “Charlie Chaplin”

  1. Thank you for showing us your progression. It is interesting. I make sculptures from the same pattern — some are fat, some are skinny. Although I intentionally don’t want them to be the same, I never think to add cardboard to make them the same width around. And I may need to keep a few bolts and screws around. Clever way to give weight to the feet. Appreciate you taking the time to show us, and can’t wait to see him finished. I loved silent movies (being 75!)


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