Free Chapter Book for Kids – ‘Charlie and Grok’

I wrote a chapter book called Charlie and Grok. If you’d like to read it, you can download the PDF by clicking the blue button below.

Older kids might have fun reading it to their younger siblings – especially if your family likes to play Minecraft. (If you do, you’ll recognize the costume Charlie wore to a Halloween party.)

If you’re closer to my age you might want to read it to your grandchildren over Skype or Zoom, one chapter at a time, like those old serial radio dramas (which I am not quite old enough to remember.)

I was too lazy to illustrate Charlie and Grok, so you’ll have to do that yourself if you want pictures. Click here to share photos of your illustrations. Your drawings will show up down below after they’re approved. Please don’t email your photos to me! Use the form instead.

Why it took me six years to write a short book for kids…

I started writing this story a long time ago, but I wandered off and forgot about it. I moved, I sculpted, I painted my house, I gardened, I built a chicken coop …

Things happened, in other words, and the story languished somewhere on my old computer.

A few months ago our friend Mr. Shelbot asked me if I’d ever written any science fiction. I said, “No – but I did start a silly story with an baby alien in it. Does that count?”

After he read the part that was done, he badgered me into finishing it because he wanted to know how it came out. He’s a slightly older ‘kid’ than the ones I wrote it for, but he says, “I’m okay with you telling them that I fell in love with Grok and his story. And if they don’t love it as much, they are doody heads!”

My first review. 🙂

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to finish a project, especially if it’s been sitting around for six years or longer! (Do you have a WIP that you like but never finished? What would it take to motivate you to start working on it again?)

Anyway, that’s why it took me six years to write Charlie and Grok, and why it’s finally finished. I had a lot of fun meeting the characters again and seeing what they were up to. If you read the story, be sure to leave your own review in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Free Chapter Book for Kids – ‘Charlie and Grok’”

  1. It was a fun story to read. I could see a young child liking a book like this. Especially around halloween when imaginations are running wild with costumes, parties and trick or treating!

  2. LOL, but I stand by what I said.
    Artists and others, PLEASE read this funny and heartwarming story and, if you have time, do show us your drawings/depictions of “Charlie and Grok”.
    Love ya, Jonni and all of you amazing artists that bring so much joy to the world.


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