Charle Chaplin dancing

Made by Robert Hanus

Starting armature before holidays planning to continue with Jonni’s Air dry clay , Over foil. Starting to cover the Jacket but wrapping in plastic over night detailing not done. Hat, arms and cane settings up to dry

Still having fun.

Charlie Chapliln Sculpture in progress

Charlie Chapliln Sculpture in progress

3 thoughts on “Charle Chaplin dancing”

  1. That’s just fabulous! Heck, I don’t think it even needs a “skin”. I hope that Charlie doesn’t lose his craggyness. He speaks to me. Reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr doing Mr Bojangles

  2. Lovely armature! Quite the personality. I wouldn’t cover the area with plastic wrap though….too much chance for molding to happen. You can always add more to get the detail after the first layer dries. One of my students once put her work into a plastic shoe box in order to “protect” it. When she came back to it, it was covered with hairy black mold! It might be ok over night but not much longer. Let us know how he turns out!


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