Chain Chomp Cat Bed

Made by Noah Brennan

Paper Cement Clay Chain Chomp Cat Bed. The structure is made with the concrete mixture but the eyes and teeth are EVA foam. The plastic chain is a prop I bought at the local Michaels. The texture that the cement clay gives is so wonderful. It added a lot to the piece I think. The cat bed is also the perfect size for cats and I’ve found they’re loving it. I also hand made the cushion to fit snuggly in the chomp’s mouth, mimicking a tongue. I was inspired by catastrophiccreations.com same overall design but added a few details.

Unique Cat Bed Made by Noah Brennan
Ball and Chain Cat Bed Made by Noah Brennan

7 thoughts on “Chain Chomp Cat Bed”

  1. I love your wonderful cat bed. You are very talented and great artists. I look forward to see some great things from you in the future.

  2. Very cool! I can guess you used a ball of some kind to get the shape, but I’m wondering if you used mesh or something to reinforce it? It’s thinness is impressive. You certainly do nice work.

    • Thank you Rhonda. I did use a ball type shape when forming it and I did put a thin wire around the inside circumference. Not a lot of it however. It pretty much holds its own weight rather well. I’m not sure the wire is really doing much but I thought some reinforcement was better than none.

    • I know! I’m not either. I own a dog lol. I’ve let my brother hold onto it as he has a cat. I just loved the idea so much I wanted to make one.


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