Cement clay experiment….

Made by Carol Brown

I made this chick with a cement clay, called Lipka, over a paper mache sphere and I like the results so far. Going to paint it with outdoor paint and seal well with an outdoor sealer (any suggestions?) and put her in my garden. We rarely get snow but living the Pacific Northwest we get a LOT of rain. Lipka is a mix of napkins, PVA glue, flour, Portland cement and vinegar. (Cheerful Craft for the tutorial.) It will not harden as you work with it and can be stored in the frig or freezer. It also holds detail very nicely. I’ll report back in 6 months with progress. There is another papercrete YouTuber that I am following and I will be trying her recipe soon for outdoor projects, Venna’s Nature. Check her out, Jonni, she gives you credit for inspiring her idea for her cement clay.

chick made with Lipka

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