15 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion”

      • Your creation here is amazing. How in the world did you attach the felted wool to the head? Super work..
        BTW I am a HUGE FAN OF Jonni’s patterns as well. They’re just souch better than anything else out there ??

        • Hi Peggy,
          I used a hot glue gun and applied the hot glue to the sculpture and then added the formed felt on top of the glue and gently pressed it down, but not too hard otherwise it would have flattened the fur. Don’t try to comb the fur though – otherwise he will end up bald!!!!!!!

  1. Wow – it’s wonderful! The felted fur is perfect (love the beard), and the painted part of his face look soft, too. The softness gives him a nice personality – like someone you’d like to start a conversation with. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂


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