Make a Yarn Bowl with Plaster Cloth and Paper Mache Clay

Make a Yarn Bowl with Paper Mache Clay

You can make this yarn bowl with plaster cloth and either paper mache clay or the Silky-Smooth air dry clay recipe on my website. The result will be both beautiful and useful – which makes this a perfect gift idea for the knitter in your family.

Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay

Fur texture with paper mache clay

This video shows a fast and easy way to create a fur texture using paper mache clay. This would work for any long-haired dog, or even a man’s beard.

Diy Silicone Mold Texture Stamps for Clay

DIY silicon mold texture stamps for clay.

Use this cheap DIY silicone mold material to create texture stamps to use on your clay projects. My first experiment used my own recipe for air dry clay. It should also work very well with Apoxie Sculpt or any other epoxy clay, and might work with polymer clay.

Why I Use Patterns to Sculpt Paper Mache Animals

An easy way to make animal sculptures with paper mache.

I always use patterns for my paper mache animals, because they help me create animal sculptures with the right proportions and outlines. They also increase my confidence in my sculpting ability. Watch the video to see why.

How to Make Paper Mache Smooth

How to make paper mache smooth.

How to Make Paper Mache Smooth Sculptures made with traditional paper strips and paste are sometimes bumpy because of the underlying armature. This is especially … Read more

Best Paint for Paper Mache

best paint for paper mache

What paint should you use for your next paper mache project? In this video and article I tell you exactly which types of paint I always choose, and give you some additional options.