Paper Mache Gargoyle

Paper Mache Gargoyle

Bmaskmaker sent in her wonderful paper mache gargoyle for our Halloween Mask Party. Not a mask, I know, but definitely Halloween. In fact, with that … Read more

Paper Mache Shrunken Head

Shrunken Head, Made with Paper Mache

This post should be filed under the “I can’t believe I spent three days making this thing!” category. I don’t really need a shrunken head. … Read more

Steve Sack’s Latest Sculpture – And How He Made It

Steve Sack's Sculpture

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Today’s guest post is by Steve Sack, who shows us how he built “Born to be Wild,” his latest sculpture. Thank you, Steve! What a great post – and a great sculpture, too. Even though Steve says this “isn’t a tutorial,” I know his description of the materials and methods he uses will inspire all of us to try something new.

"Born to be Wild" Details
“Born to be Wild” Details

©2011 Steve Sack

Hello all. I was asked to share some pics of a recent sculpt, and describe my methods. This piece is called “Born to be Wild”. It measures 36″x33″x13″. It was a fun one to build, in spite of a few problems along the way. What follows isn’t really a tutorial, but does explain some approaches and materials I’ve found successful. I’ve only made 11 paper mache sculptures thus far so I’m not presenting myself as an expert.  It’s always fun to see how others make art, so hopefully you may find something here that you may find interesting.

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