Christine’s Paper Mache Mask

Christine's Paper Mache Mask

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Old Woman – A Mask and a Few Accidental Experiments with Paper Mache Clay

Get a fast start on your next paper mache project or hand-made gift with Jonni’s easy downloadable patterns for masks, animal sculptures and faux trophy mounts. The patterns help you create a beautiful work of art, even if you’ve never sculpted anything before.

A few days ago I mentioned that we’re going to have a Mask Party here on the blog. (Thanks, Tejae, for the idea.)

To get us all in the mood, I made a mask of an old woman, using as a model a photograph by Edward Curtis. Maybe we should call it a disembodied head, instead of a mask. I might remove the back of the armature, (which was not covered with paper mache), and hang her on my wall — or I might make a scarecrow-like body and put her in front of the house for Halloween. I really haven’t decided yet.

Anyhow, the video shows how it was done. This is probably the fastest sculpture I’ve ever done with any kind of paper mache. I wasn’t trying to hurry, it just worked out that way.

OK, now it’s your turn. Are you in the Halloween mood yet?

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How to Make a Paper Mache Mask

How to Make a Mask

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