2 thoughts on “Catching some rays”

  1. Hello jonnie. With Halloween next month I would like to make a stone look alike column out of a left over vacuum box. I am stomped though. Do I have to coat the box with anything ex. Duct tape or foil? Or can I apply the paper mache clay directly to the box without it warping? Also afer applying for I need to seal the clay before spraying painting? Thanks so much I’m an absolute newbie. Take care!

    • Hi Carine. Paper mache over a flat piece of cardboard may be one of the most challenging projects you can do. Physics tends to make things difficult whenever you apply something wet to one side of the cardboard. It will almost always warp. Masking tape might help, but I haven’t tried it. One of our readers might have more experience with this than I do, so try copying your question in a comment on the Daily Sculptors page. Good luck with it!


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