Cat on a blanket

Made by Lummie Bergsma

Hi Jonni
I was asked to make a cat for someone.
I didn’t look like her cat though, but nevertheless she still wanted the statue. So sweet…

Kind regards,
Lummie Bergsma

Paper mache cat on a blanket

Paper mache cat on a blanket


6 thoughts on “Cat on a blanket”

  1. Your work is instantly recognizable. You have a lovely style and it always looks like clay or porcelain base. You seem to be able to capture the form of each animal you do. Excellent work!

  2. It’s really hard to sculpt an animal to look like a specific animal. I’ve tried it and failed! 2 dogs, great dogs but they did not look like the actual dogs. Sigh!
    This is a sweet cat anyway and the sentiment was there.

    • Hi Eileen,

      Indeed it’s hard, especially when it’s the animal who has passed away. This emotional value is huge of course.


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