Cat in the Purple Hat

Made by Connie Kulow

The cat is made from recycled plastic grocery bags, masking tape, jute rope used in the hat, fishing wire for the whiskers and a flower petal. I had trouble finding the regular Proform Joint Compound, so I bought the Proform Dust Reducing Lightweight Joint Compound. The texture was definitely different and I had to play around with the measurements to make it thick enough.

4 thoughts on “Cat in the Purple Hat”

  1. Thank you Jonni! I could not find the Proform joint compound at Walmart or Home Depot. Both of them sell the DAP brand. I did find the Proform joint compound in bulk at Lowes, however they did not have it in a smaller bucket. The 60 pound was too heavy to move around me. The lite brand was available and the texture was really weird to work with. Surprisingly, I bought it on the same day that you posted about a way to use DAP with the homemade glue! I did end up sculpting the cat with my hands due to the texture, which was kind of fun to do.

    • Thank you. The cat is a gift for a friend who always wears hats, caps and bonnets. I think she is going to love her :)

  2. Your cat is adorable, Connie – like all of your animals. Thanks for showing it to us!
    BTW, I didn’t was the Proform joint compound was available anymore, in any version. It completely disappeared from all the stores around here. If you decide you don’t like the kind you found, you can use any other brand, except DAP. And in case you missed it, we can now make drywall joint compound with home-made glue and DAP. It’s not exactly the same, but it works, and that’s the one brand we can always find. :)


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