Cat and Mouse

Made by Ali Drake

I started this with a balloon head and went from there. The paws and claws were an afterthought and not expertly done. I eventually added a boa for a tail and donated her to an animal rescue. I am in the process of making another as I miss her.

Cat and mouse sculpture

7 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse”

  1. Thanks. I loved the mice too. I added a boa as a tail for her and the animal rescue took pictures of her in a pumpkin patch and put it on their website along with a story about her “travels”. They even took her to the beauty parlor. She is far away now that I have moved. My next one, the one with the shredded wheat body, seems to be turning out more masculine so I may have to make another girl one. The biggest problem is that I will run out of room.

  2. I love the thought of people visiting the rescue and seeing this as they step in! What a treat – a happy and unexpected greeting for those looking for their new forever friend.
    How wonderful!

  3. Wow! She is adorable and made me smile! I love all four of the mice!! What a wonderful gift for the rescue group!


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