Car Buddy

Made by Ali Drake

This is my car buddy that I made a couple of years ago. Each year I change him up a bit and this year I am going to give him a new body. He got a little broken when moving as I had to stuff him into my car with all of my musical instruments and telescope. His upper body is still ok but he needs new legs and a new pose. I might even make him a guitar to play. Or maybe a banjo. I painted his hair and beard blackish gray after he played Santa but I think I like him better when his whiskers were white.


Paper mache life-sized manMade by Ali Drake

11 thoughts on “Car Buddy”

  1. I love him! I first thought he was the sculptor!
    Regarding using him for the HOV Lane – there was a guy pulled over for using a mannequin. The very astute cop realized that she was wearing the same clothes every day! 🙂

  2. Omg! What a fun idea…you could use him in CA while driving the diamond lane (two people or more). On second thought, don’t, there’s a heavy fine for that. ?

    • I was getting gas for my car and an RCMP officer asked me if I was using him for the HOV lane ( I guess same as your diamond lane). He laughed about it but that’s because we don’t have any where I was living. I don’t think there are any where I am living now either.

  3. Your car buddy is very interesting. What did you use to seal him so that he could be outside… or that the sun would not bother him while sitting in the car?

    • He was mostly staying in my car and now he is inside. I put him out in the sun to keep him “healthy” but he gets put under cover when inclement weather is in the forecast. He has a few layers of outdoor varnish (matte finish) to protect him. His clothes are cloth that have been saturated with glue and then painted and varnished as well. I am not overly concerned about keeping him around forever.


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