Bunny Ballerina

Made by Phyllis Huber

Bunny Ballerina is a sculpture that has rigid plaster cloth as the first layer, covered with Premium Air Dry Paper clay for detail areas and Joint compound and air dry clay covering the bulk of the body. Covered in Mod Podge and a pretty patterned tissue paper to give her the fancy detailed look. Accessories include false eye lashes, pearl necklace and bows to go with her pretty pink tutu.

Bunny Ballarina Back Side

7 thoughts on “Bunny Ballerina”

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks so much. I covered the entire surface with a paper clay and joint compound to make the surface smooth before I added the tissue paper on top with some Mod Podge. Wanted to be able to take full advantage of the pretty paper. One thing I did learn that you have to be very careful not to overlap the images on the tissue paper or you get a dark area that you end up having to redo. But now I know and you do too! : )

    • Thanks Eileen,

      When I saw it I knew it just begged for more than being stuffed into a bag to be thrown out after the gift was opened. Now its preserved to be enjoyed for a long time to come. : )


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