Bullfrog head

Made by Carol Fagerness

My first attempt using the cardstock patterns instead of crumple paper and other armatures. It took longer than expected but was fun, kind of like putting a model airplane together. I enjoyed putting my own details on the finished base. I found newsprint better than blue towels with this application; the towels seemed to add to much weight for the cardstock even with the stuffing. I used my convection oven at 170 to help dry the layers and additions. (check frequently and use timer to see how each project responds). I also made a mounting board using 2 thick layers of cardboard and a thinner one cut smaller to create the “routed ” area and covered with newsprint and a small amount of paper clay to curve the routing. A pleasant surprise was the clear shelf liner. I taped a piece to printer paper and printed FROG on it and covered my gold painted cardstock label. I like the silly label.

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