Made by Connie Kulow

On a roll…. just finished the second dog as a gift to the grandkids. He was made using plastic grocery bags and masking tape, foil for the toenails, straws to give floppy fur, paper mache clay, acrylic paint and varnish. He’s a cutie.

Paper mache bulldog, back view

Paper mache bulldog's face

8 thoughts on “Bulldog”

    • Thank you! No, I just go crazy twisting and folding the bags all together until I get the form that I’m looking for. Using lots and lots of plastic grocery bags and masking tape!

  1. I was thinking of Leroy the other day. A visitor came and asked if I named my sculptures, and I told them Leroy named the only three who have names! Thank him for me.

    A wonderful dog here. Gotta love him. Thank you.

    • Leroy says hi! He’s been watching and supervising while I work on all these dogs for the grandkids. Three down, four to go!


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