Brook Trout

Made by Cassanna

I recently stumbled upon your videos and immediately fell in love! Not only is your work spectacular, you remind me of my grandmother (who I loved dearly and greatly miss). I ended up watching most of your videos and felt so inspired to create! We just spent the weekend at our camp fishing, so I thought a fish would be a good start. I haven’t done paper mache since high school (I do hold a BFA degree). I didnt spend as much time as I would have liked on it. I would have loved a layer of paper mache clay, but I don’t have any joint compound on hand. Still, I think it turned out OK!

Paper Mache Brook Trout in progress

4 thoughts on “Brook Trout”

  1. I think if you coat this with a gloss coat, it will look wet and bring out the colors even more. You did an awesome job. I catch these all the time and they’re simply the most beautiful of all the Char species~

  2. It’s not great, it’s perfect! I love the character and the colors are brilliant. I am amazed by your talent. I think about a dozen would be perfect swimming around. Thank you very much. I’m a fan, big time!


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