Bobble head #1 (crossfit)

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

The marionette (hollow head) I made a while back got me thinking about bobble heads. I’d planned on making the bobble head and then a really simple body but I got carried away. I’d also planned on making it a little old lady with a cane. However, once I decided to give it to a friend from the gym I again changed my mind. My workout companion is in her 70’s and she is still flipping tires. I don’t quite love this piece but I learned a lot and I wanted to share how well blue shop towels work for creating clothing (t-shirt and skirt). It’s about 15 inches tall. Jonni’s head pattern printed at 50% original size.

bobble head sculpture

bobble head sculpture

1 thought on “Bobble head #1 (crossfit)”

  1. Thanks for posting. We all learn with each and every piece we create. I love her face! I find features very hard and have a jar full of heads that are all rubbish! I keep them to remind me of my progress, maybe I will post them one day to encourage other budding artists not to give up, we are all on a learning curve and can only get better with practice.


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