Blue-eyed horse

Made by Sam Steinfield

This is the horse sculpture my favorite sculpture so far and it was so fun to paint, i made a dark reddish brown for the body than a lighter version for the mane and then i brushed some burnt sienna with glazing liquid on the mane and wiped it off just to give it a more reddish tone and finally for the eyes i really loved the blue it’s a rare eye color for horses but i thought it would lighten up the dark brown a bit and when i finished the eyes i was really happy with the way they came out and how they gived him kind of a eye catching color that surprised me that it will fit with the brown exactly the way i wanted to?

Blue-Eyed Horse Made by Sam Steinfield
Blue-Eyed Horse photo from the Front Made by Sam Steinfield

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  1. I really don’t know what to call ot but it’s like some very thin ropes sued together to form tassels that are sued to the bottom of the curtain if you can see in the third picture it’s something like those beige tassels, the same ropes but in diffent suing shape, i’ll send you a phot of it if you want to on gmail


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