Bleating lamb and worried bunny

Made by Jane Adamo

Despite the holiday lights, this was actually made for a spring tableau. I figured out that you can’t just paint a white lamb WHITE, so I hit the shadows with a light grey. It’s interesting to create a piece that comprises two figures.

Paper mache lamb with bunny

Paper mache lamb with bunny

3 thoughts on “Bleating lamb and worried bunny”

  1. They are wonderfully done and full of character. I admire your mouth on the sheep. You got the right expression.

    Yes, white is never white! Nice.

  2. Love the lamb and the bunny. You are right. You can’t paint white by itself. Adding the grey made it dimensional and brought out shadows. I had the same issue with the white on my dogs. And…. that bunny…. I just want to pick him up and hold him! Nice job!


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