black dragon with blue details

Made by Zofia j.

My second paper mache project (first one was a pinata built on top of a balloon i did a few years ago) it is not perfect but i had a lot of fun so i think it was worth it! Now i have some questions for some of you that have more experience with this medium. The paper i am using is pretty thick (book paper) and this makes the surface pretty uneven but i don’t want to change it. Would making the first layers using the thick paper and the last layers using something soft like toilet paper make it smoother? How to avoid bits of dough sticking to the paper? I thought i was just mixing the paper mache badly but i started using a mixer and i see improvement but there is still a little of them left. And last question, what are your tips on making bases for masks without using clay? I don’t think this hobby will last very long so i don’t want to spend too much money on it but i would like to make a mask. Would salt clay work? Thanks to all of you in advance.

Paper mache black dragon with blue details
Paper mache black dragon

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  1. I really like how you painted your dragon. Even just using Jonni’s original paper mâché recipe, You can make it smoother by wetting your finger with water and smoothing. But of course the joint compound and silky smooth recipe work really well. I’ve done masks pretty much like Jonni described and it works well. Good luck!

  2. Hi Zofia. Thanks for showing us your dragon – it’s a unique design, and I love the painted designs. As for your question about getting a smoother finish, one way to do it is to put a paper-thin layer of drywall joint compound over the dried paper mache, and then make it very smooth with a lightly damp sponge after it dries. I have a video about that here. Or you could use the Silky Smooth Air Dry Clay recipe for your final layer. For a base for your mask that doesn’t need clay, you could put some crumpled paper inside a plastic bag to make a face-shaped rounded form, and then add details like a nose and chin with crumpled paper or foil, held on with masking tape. Then cover it with some plastic wrap to keep your paper mache from sticking, and build your mask, adding as much detail as you need.

    • im sorry for bothering you in such a time, i didnt know thanksgiving was happening. Thank you for all of the advice i will look through it when i have time!


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